Friday, March 1, 2013

Part 5: OPPT, Final Video

I still haven't formed a true belief about the OPPT. I remain open to all the things may happen through the OPPT process but for me, there are still many questions that remain unanswered and I have found out all that I wanted to learn for now. Baby steps. It's all good.

There are more links about the OPPT for you to research below, along with an article from Andy Whiteley that has him answering a few of the bigger questions about the OPPT. You will also find links to everythinhg I have mentioned in the video and more.

It's an eye opener to find out different views from different people about anything that you are researching. This way, you can see what resonates with you or not. Here are some people voicing their own opinions about the OPPT and they say we should remain very wary of the whole process. I only watched 8 minutes of it but it is here if you want to dive deeper.

Here is Andy Whitely's article that answers some of the bigger questions of the OPPT - well worth a read:

I found this very interesting. It seems Australian governments are getting desperate. They passed  a new bill so they can take money from peoples bank accounts that have been inactive for 3 years. Could this have something to do with the OPPT perhaps?

Here is the press release that some people have now decided to start sending off to local banks, corporations etc. It was suggested that when we get one of those reply paid envelopes that often come with former corporate/government/bank mailings, we print out a copy of this press release and pop it in the mail box back to them to gently help them become aware of this new way. This is all I have chosen to do for now as I watch the OPPT process slowly unfold ..............

Some of my unanswered questions are - why are some companies charging $260 for an OPPT card? It has been brought to my attention that some "other" people are trying to make a buck from it. However, if there is a charge involved, it is NOT OPPT stuff so keep away. Apparently the OPPT do NOT ask for any donations or money transactions of any kind.

Also, some people were questioning why OPPT trustee, Heather, was getting help from one of the Rothschilds to write up the OPPT documentation. Apparently the answer to that question is in one of the radio show blogs about the OPPT. I didn't look for it though so you might want to research that one further for yourself before jumping to any conclusions.

Another thing I'm not sure of is the wording in the documents. Why the words man/woman are not used at all in the (I think it was) the entire UCC. I didnt know that different words have different meanings according to legal terms.  Just Google "free legal dictionary" and type in the word "People" and see what comes back for you. This is, after all, The One PEOPLES Public Trust ........ I was just curious about that, thats all. (just thought I'd mention)

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Much Love xo ~ Kelly

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Its official, the 4th amendment is dead