Sky Photos

Here is a collection of "sky" photos taken by me :)  Who knows what this will lead to but I'm going for anything that looks interesting or inspiring in the sky! Simples!

Yes, you can copy them and re-use them. Just don't add photoshop BS to them please. These pictures have not been interferred with and it would be nice if they stayed that way :) ~ Cheers! ~ Kelly Flack

The following photos were taken In November 2012 ~ QLD Australia

If you can enlarge the photo above and the one below, you will notice 2 lines in the above ne and 3 lines in the below one. I have no idea what those lines are ~ just saying ;)


The following photos were taken In mid May 2012 ~ QLD Australia 

The following 5 photos were taken on May 7th 2012 ~ QLD Australia

and more will be added over time so check back if you're interested to see what's in my sky ;)

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  1. Hi Kelly, beautiful pics, well, a couple of them possibly not so nice. I suppose you have heard/read about sylphs? If true, that they clean up our skies from the CTs - it would be be a nice thing to capture on camera...Jane :)