Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ascension Symptoms - Venus Transit 2012

Have you been feeling like this too?

Click here to read a list of 26 ascension symptoms that could help you to understand what you are going through at the moment

and if that doesn't satisfy your learning curve on ascension symptoms, click here for a load of information from Google

If you have also been seeing numbers repeating themselves ... then check this out

The following is a video I made on Spetember 25th 2011 as I share what I was going through at that time (gotta laugh at this one ;)

and here I am again with a video from March 2012 as I share about losing jobs, homes, and relationships and to let it all go

and another one about the energies that some unconsciously emit to feed the powers that were (illuminati etc)

I am still very cautious around channelled messgaes (I've gotta work on that) but here's one that I really enjoyed about the Venus transit and incoming energies


  1. Thanks Kelly for sharing your experiences! It helps me to know I am not alone in feeling that time seems to be going by so fast, feeling light headed and lost..

    Some days I can barely concentrate on doing my job, because I feel so lightheaded, and it just feels like a waste of time anyway...except for needing to earn $ (hehe).

    I am feeling very drawn to do something MEANINGFUL I just don't know what it is that I am supposed to be doing.

    One way I am dealing with this is by sharing positive energy and information with everyone who will allow me to share it with them.

    I can not stand certain conversations, or certain television shows at all anymore. I have met some people who know that something is changing, but I feel impatient for something to happen to wake everyone up. Not anything negative, just something BIG that nobody can deny or sweep under the rug and continue with business as usual.

    Is anyone elase feeling that strongly. This is really wierd, because I usually am not too fond of drastic change, and usually do not like to rock the boat so to speak :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean - shake up the world so they can get in on this too :) I dont know how that part will play itself out but I feel that people like you and I, and the many many others like us, will be the ones that get to help those that find their own ways into these energies as well.

    Theres gonna be alot of scared people out there experiencing thigs they have never experienced befor (like we are) but we KNOW what is going on :)

    Im sure glad to be here. As I watch this "show" moment by moment, Im fascinated :) We will just have to continue to go with The Flow and be ready to help those that need it when the time comes. Just wait for this Venus transit ..... wow

    Going to get the welding helmets on late with the kids and look at the sun - see what we can see over the next 2 days - how exciting! Love to you xxx

  3. Exciting indeed!!:) Love to you xxx