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Part 4: OPPT, Courtesy Notices. What Are These?

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It’s called a courtesy notice. It’s not called a revenge notice or a smash them notice or a hunt them down notice, it’s called a courtesy notice and the energy attached to the word "courtesy" - should be exactly that.


Understanding the energy involved with this process is very important and I will go into that in more detail in a later video.


A courtesy notice is basically to help educate the individual that you are sending the notice to, about the former corporation, bank or government department that they used to work for and how that entity has now been foreclosed. In other words, they are working for an entity that no longer legally exists.


Here are some words from the Courtesy Notice Guidelines and you will find the entire Guidelines, in the link below. Read the Guidelines in full before filling out your Courtesy Notice.


The landscape of Law in which we live has been radically changed by the OPPT UCC filings. The corporations and their "legal" system have been stripped out, leaving Universal Law, Common Law and UCC as the rules in play with each human on the planet acting with unlimited personal liability as an individual. No corporate titles, legal statute systems, registration, insurance or authoritarian hierarchy remains.


Banks and "governments" have been foreclosed upon so let us consider a former employee who is now pursuing you in their capacity as an individual...they believe they still work for a prestigious bank or department.



(My Video above shares a little story about a fictional character I have called “Fred”)

Any debt that you had with the now, foreclosed systems, is now “fictional” debt.

The CN is 5 pages long and basically says


  “I would be happy to comply with your demand… however in UCC Law there is a filing that remains unrebutted which foreclosed upon the entity you claim to represent. You are now operating on your own personal liability. Please cease your claim on me. If you decide to pursue this claim again, any future interactions between us will be under the following conditions…”


In other words, you have explained to “Fred”, in the CN, that his former corporation is now foreclosed, you’ve sent him all the things he needs to be able to see the UCC filings and understand this for himself and if he chooses to interact with you about this matter again, still seeking payment, he will be doing so as an individual and it will only be under your terms and conditions and part of those terms and conditions state that “Fred” would start being invoiced for his interactions with you. 

Your terms and conditions is like putting a price list on the wall of a coffee shop. You are now waiting for customers. If your potential customers do not like your terms and conditions... they are free to go elsewhere - choose another course of action.


IT IS NOW YOUR CHOICE WHETHER TO INTERACT WITH THEM OR NOT. Sending the courtesy notice with their original document attached, informs the Respondent (“Fred”)  that you do not wish unlawful harm inflicted upon you and spells out the conditions by which they may contract with you at their expense.


The CN also provides you with terms and conditions and an expense list of what you will be charging them – the link is below


When writing up and mailing your Courtesy Notice, always use the word "alleged" in front of any former titles or former company names. For example, in the case of our fictional character named “Fred”, we would send the Courtesy Notice to


Alleged Department of Transport

Postal address


Keep a record of everything you are doing - dates, names etc 

Remember that the agent (“Fred”)  no longer represents a corporate entity, a Courtesy Notice should be provided to the individual, including the ‘Terms & Conditions’ under which you will accept any future interactions. If the agent responds, they have triggered a personal contract between you that indicates they have accepted your terms and conditions. The terms and conditions have already been written out for you.  .

If a second agent of the same former corporation contacts you about the same claim, repeat the process with that individual also and send them a CN with your terms and conditions. Remember, corporations no longer exist. You are only dealing with other individuals.


Should "Fred" choose to pretend their corporation still exists we may experience different responses.


No response from “Fred” is good news - in most circumstances.

A response is also good news... When “Fred” responds, it means that he has accepted your terms and conditions and you have a new customer to invoice.  This is all laid out in the CN.


If “Fred” replies to your CN with a letter containing threats, quotes of the old law etc, this is not evidence. Remember, your CN is asking “Fred” to provide evidence that his former corporation is, in fact, legal.  As stated in your terms and conditions, “Fred” has not given us the evidence we have requested and he has chosen to interact with you on his own accord. The CN that you sent to Fred states that if he does interact with you about this matter, he will be, basically, billed for your time. This is when you send “Fred” his first invoice.  If he replies again, still with no evidence, send him another invoice.


By invoicing “Fred” / sending a bill to “Fred”, you are letting him know that this is a very real situation, and he has Unlimited Liability and Responsibility for his actions. And you must realise that you do too, because by sending the CN in the first place, you are using your full unlimited liability and responsibility. In other words, we must all, each and every one of us, take full responsibility for our actions. This is why the “energy” side of things, is so very important. Be polite. Be courteous. We are helping each other to understand. Remember, it’s a Courtesy Notice – not a Revenge Notice.


If the individual (“Fred”) engages the services of another individual who also thinks they work for a company that hasn't been foreclosed, send an invoice to that second individual and another one to “Fred”


All invoices should have a waiver. The waiver provides Respondent (“Fred”) the opportunity to cease action and withdraw any and all claims. This means no payment is required. If ”Fred” accepts the waiver, get it in writing from him that he has withdrawn all claims against you, has accepted the waiver and basically, won’t be contacting you ever again about this situation.


The OPPT filings changed the Governing Law on this planet to Universal Law, Common Law and Uniform Commercial Code, and you, through the Courtesy Notice are pointing to that fact.


Send your first invoice to be paid within 14 days. (just like phone companies when they send you an invoice to pay your phone bill) . If they haven’t paid within 14 days, send them an overdue notice (just like telephone companies do) and if they haven’t paid within another 14 days, send them a Final notice.


If you send multiple invoices, you may prepare a "Statement" that summarises every invoice issued and its payment status, e.g. Due, Overdue or Final Notice. Also remind them UCC filings may ultimately be used for enforcement for unpaid invoices.


Before you go sending out Courtesy Notices, please read number 12. Of the Guidelines about Using the Energy of Intent – this is very important. There is also an invoice pricing list in the Courtesy Notice as well.


It is not recommended to hand a CN to an alleged judge in court or an alleged police officer on the side of the road..... Read the CN Guidelines to find out why..
Written by Kelly Flack ~ BEing of the Creator  

Special thanks To Deb McCann for helping get started with this research and sending me a load of information as she found out herself about Courtesy Notices - you gave me a starting point Deb and I thank you xo

The Courtesy Notice Guidelines can be found by clicking on "OPPT Courtesy Notice and Courtesy Notice Guidelines" on this link:

A copy of the "invoice" and other documents can be found here: Thanks for this link Deb. I really like the "invoice" words - crystal clear for "Fred" :)

 Here is a 2 hour IN DEPTH VIDEO that explains the Courtesy Notice Guidelines

OPPT Templates for your own use plus video instructions

EXCELLENT Video: What the FUQ? Frequently Unanswered Questions of the Australian Government. Here you will see a real case study as Scott Bartle shows us what he went through with the Australian Dept of Transport and Customs, (GST and luxury car tax)  when he wanted to import his car from the U.S to Australia.

Here are 6 Case studies. These case studies offer an insight into the necessity of validating government, including Acts, those who attempt to uphold them and how they came into being all the way through courts, appointments, letters patent, seals right through to validating Justices.

And here is a brilliant trailer by Pj Ardies from Belgium "Are you a Freedom Seeker?"

Once again, If you dont know what Agenda 21 is, check this out. Basically its about how governments are designed to "control" humanity. Also keep in mind that Agenda 21 was here long before OPPT was born -

Everything, absolutely every thing, is falling into place. I express deep gratitude to Ann Bressington and what she is doing.

As for the OPPT, I'm still being cautious but then again, I'm also still learning (but thats me) And all is as it should Be xox

Much Love
~ Kelly ~ BEing of the Creator



  1. Question? When we pay to the foreclosed fiction, where is the payment going? Who gets the money? Thanks great blog info. I have printed this page to help me on my journey. Much respect!

  2. Good question! But I'm not the one to answer it. Maybe contact OPPT directly for a more concrete answer to that great question ;)

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