Friday, May 11, 2012

3D or 5D? Which Do You Choose?

As Above, So Below

Celestial bodies are realigning, for May 20th and, according to prophecy, the big alignment for December 2012.

Much of humanity has reached a point now where we are on information overload. The internet allows us to research spirituality, conspiracy theories, 3D, 4D's astral plane, 5D conspiracy practices, planetary alignments, prophecies, science, merkaba activation, soul groups and what ever else you can think of.

The planets are doing whatever they need to do. Meanwhile, here on earth, we have messages (supposedly) from the GFL and the GFOL and the Ashtar Command and the Andromeda Council and Pleiadian Messages and the list goes on and on and on ..... some stories are wonderful ...... but all I can truly rely on, is my intuition and guidance from within.

Focus on the good stuff. Teachings from Ian Lungold and Neil Kramer shows that polarity consciousness is splitting.

Polarity, described in my own words, means two different poles. The negative and the positive. We are all made up of energy, and when polarity consciousness splits, depending on what our main focus is in life, our energy moves to either the "positive" or the "negative".

So focus on the good stuff!

3D, 4D or 5D, what ever you have been told, discern for yourself!

Observe what is happening around you. Some people are consumed by happiness. They smile, laugh are carefree, non judgemental and are simply going with The Flow of All That Is :)

Others are consumed by anger, hardships, judgements, jealousy and continue to attract more of the same to them. They "cut off" the flow of all that is good :(


Notice that the good things get better .... and the bad things get worse.

Quote "The people that work on themselves and the people that don't, are drifting further and further apart." ~ Neil Kramer

Could this be what Dolores Cannon explains, how our world will split?

Could this be what the latest Pleiadian Message means, to make a decision ? ( This is Ashtar Command ... I went there with Tolec and Im NOT going there with Ashtar so make up your own minds - LOL)

Heres a video from Neil Kramer that I watched just today ~ I really enjoyed this: 

Last night I was given an excitable (and urgent) message to learn about merkaba activation .... so I guess my next post will be about this. ...... Hmmmm....... going with The Flow :)

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