Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kids Unlearning Pressures

Pressure ~ It's Just Not Worth It

It's funny you know, even educating from home with some online programs teaches kids about "working under pressure".  The girls had a "timer" on some math exercises and I noticed they would get all worked up when given those tasks to complete. They would get most answers incorrect while "competeing against the clock"

Today I told about pressures and conforming to a societal way of life which is built up with "pressure". Pressure to study, to work, to achieve, get good grades, regurgitate set learnings, and pressure to perform.

In my opinion, pressure should not be a way of life. My kids are being UNtaught. Needless to say, I covered those "timers" today during math and told the girls to forget all about them. "But Mum, its still being timed" .......

Thats when the talk about "quality" being better than "quantity" came in.  I said "its better to get 3 right rather than 10 wrong" ... "its better to give the BEST that you can with feeling rather than giving the MOST that you can, without feeling" - they understood.

The timers covered and forgotten about, a piece of UNlearning is now complete :) Phew! And both got 10 out of 10 ..... this was a great learning today - not about math, but about pressure, and how it doesn't have to be that way <3

Give me "natural" learning any day :)

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