Saturday, September 15, 2012

Teleportation and Our World In Court

Imagine what it will be like when we re-member :)
If you click play/pause repeatedly, you will see sooo many wonderful things taking place in the video above - especially at the 17 second mark and toward the end as the light glows from the persons face and hands - beautiful :)

Since that video was uploaded, someone has taken it and slowed it down for us below ..... Waaaay cool!

(UPDATED 18 Sept 2012) But wait .... theres MORE ....... The above video also appears on this website
along with even MORE teleports - Im guessing by the same person. Are you able to translate and find out if this is a game or what? I sure would appreciate any feedback in the comments below - cheers!
And now for the big event ......
This is Wonderful. This video alone, will help with a HUGE shift in the consciousness of humanity. I hope you will share it with as many people as possible. On October 1st, the work begins in a courtroom - and the whole world is invited to ...
watch this unfold online - as the Dark is slowly, and surely, released to the Light ♥ This is it people! This is part of our Shift into a new, brighter paradigm ♥ Please watch and share ♥
A  DISTRACTION has been created and is now TAKING PLACE: A movie trailer that was uploaded to youtube in July, “The Real Life of Muhammad” , and then an Egyptian TV station aired a clip from the video earlier this week which has caused protests outside US diplomatic missions in several Arabic countries this week - now we have the burning of flags and bibles and a bunch of very angry people all because of a movie........

Meanwhile, the churches are being taken to court for crimes against humanity .......... but the hoo haa about the movie is much bigger than the hoo haa about the churches .....
Here are the links that Kevin mentioned in his video :
Hidden no longer  (case readings)
ITCCS (to follow progress as they pass through the court system) First update to be added October 2nd 2012
I hope you will share this with as many people as possible. It's time xxxx
xxx - Kel

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