Saturday, September 22, 2012

Whats Coming Up (Possibly)

A Video Series That Has Intrigued Me
Here are some video from the series "Answers of an alien from Andromeda". I have decidecd to jot down the parts I like the most :)

If you want to watch the whole lot - Here is the playlist for videos 1-65 and here
The second video ( click here to watch it )   This was pretty cool. They talk about earth and what will happen when her vibration rises. They speak of the elite, and regardless of what they do to survive this in their own way or "power", will not happen because its up to their VIBRATION...
.... not their war machines and power pumped ways ♥

And my favourite part of this one: They say earth currently has 5 doorways of frequencies. After this Shift (on Dec 21st), we will only have 2 frequencies :) This is awesome because it means we will be more in sync with others of the same frequency ♥ 10% will stay here - 40 % will go off to another planet and 60% off to another different planet. We will all go to where ever our vibration matches..... with each planet ♥ and with each other ♥

So Facebook friends ....... Looks like we might all end up in the same place ;) same vibe :)
The fourth video ( click here to watch it ) In this video, they talk about the communitys that use to and continue to live on earths moon :) They say earths crop circles are left as gifts by ships. To make a crop circle, the grass is not "touched" physically, but a  magnetic beam makes the pictures that we see in crops :)
When asked, why are you here, the alien said they are observing drilling taking place from2,000 to 7,000 feet by governments in the pre salt zone of the ocean.
The fifth video (click here to watch it ) In this video, they talk about the governments and their primitive atomic weapons (I had to giggle at that) and how, if a ship came, and the governement wanted to go to war , there would be no reaction from the ship. LOL.
Governments have been advised by the reptillians working with them, not to do such a thing as they need to prepare for the changes. Reptillians have not had much success in depopulating our planet, but they continue to try with government help. They are sure the earth changes will take many people out anyway. Ships will not step in to help UNLESS there is a genocide on humanity planned by governments, and then ships will take appropriate action. This alien is also here to observe "disasters" that are not "natural".
The alien explained what we already know about AIDS and cancer and diseases. They are all caused by what we consume and governments have consciously contributed to maintaining these diseases for profit. The alien technology could wipe out all disease, but they are nor yet allowed direct contact with earth humans. Did you know that our honey, is used across the galaxy? Cool :) Did you also know, that our earth could expand up to 3 times in diameter during this shift, and that expansion could take out our satellites ....... interesting stuff indeed.
The sixth video ( click here to watch it ) The rock of Stonehenge were levitated into place. It is a symbol of the race (12 foot tall)  that built it. They also say that when earth crosses the line of the hemisphere of the galaxy, the magnetic pole sof earth will reverse course. The alignment will take place in late 2012 and after that, the magnetic field will begin to switch. When the fields alternate at any given time, they are close to ZERO. (google timewave zero for more details if you want to investigate further)
They say, when we die, we return to the dimension of the planets aura <3
I will listen to more later and write down my favourite parts. If you are reading this, you might like to check back again tomorrow to see if I had added more, or just watch the entire playlist yourself ;) InJoy xxx ~ Kelly

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