Sunday, January 6, 2013

Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge

Only moments ago, I watched my 2 children from the kitchen window as they quickly tip toed across the back yard, holding, what looked like, small cardboard boxes containing Brat dolls ....... they were on some kind of adventure.

I remember back to when I was 9. It was a 3 hour drive to my sisters place so we would stay for a weeks or so when ever we visited. Up the road from my sisters place, there was a small forest where I would go and play. I made friends with the walking tracks and the trees. Especially one tree in particular.

At first glance, my 9 year old eyes absolutely knew, that this tree was The One. It was a simple tree but it had branches that were in all "the right places". Little "steps" and "nooks and crannys" that would become my tree home away from home.

I made my lounge room, dining area, and kitchen. The branches were set in such a specific way that only a 9 year old could see. Huge leaf cups and plates, little toys made from nature and paperbark drawings to decorate my new "home". I would spend hours upon hours there in my own little world. My own little "reality"

On another visit, I took my neices and nephew to visit my tree home. I showed them each "room" and they immediately knew what went where - and every visit after that, us kids, we just "knew".

I remember that "knowing" feeling very well. I also remember re-visiting the forest many many years later as an all knowing, egoic, too proud teenager. I couldn't even find the tree. My eyes had changed.
 And so I went through my life like that - blindly - for the next 25 years.
But I am here now. And now, as an adult, I Know again. I am Re-membering. I am Awakening. I am Imagining. I am Dreaming once again.  

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