Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 2013 Energies

I am in love with these energies of 2013 <3

Life is just "falling into place" for me. Action thoughts have come to me and I am acting on them. The whole process seems effortless. Like it is meant to be. And fun. I am injoyin the whole process of where these action thoughts are leading me <3 I trust. And soon my thoughts will become manifest.

Self sabbotaging, negative thoughts die within 3 seconds of being born. I watch as my mind has one negative thought and then, like a duster on a chalk board, it is wiped away. I smile. I have an inner duster that wipes away negative thoughts.

I continue to learn about the world to find my own truths. Yes, some of the things I choose to learn about can be seen as horrible events upon the world ~ and I learn, without judgement ~ knowing that I too, have helped co-create every large outcome.

My heart lights up, my inner spark, as I send love to all involved. Love to the governments, the military, the elite, the "systems" ~ Love ~ I have become Who-I-Am because of what I have chosen to grow through. I grow through all of this.

Through all of the old ways, the old paradigms, the old habits ~ I grow, in every moment, through it all. I send It all love and the courage for those ways to "let go". I am not angry. I have no fear. I do not judge. I see everything as "Just Is" and I know that the Is-ness of everything, is Changing, as am I. I smile.

I see my family through different eyes. My husbands skin, his smile, his soft loving eyes and gentle touch. I "see" this, and as I "see", I also "receive". My childrens laughs and ideas, their courage and strength, their warmth and hugs. I "see" this ..... and as I "see", I also "receive". I see so much love in all things. ALL things.

It is only 20 days into the beginning of 2013. This is just so amazing. I am filled with awe. I feel so at peace. So calm and peacful, happy and relaxed. There is no rush. No anxiety. It just Is.....

...... and I am in love with the Is-ness of it all xox I only hope that you have found a way To Be as well.

Much love to you dear reader
~ Kelly from Australia



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