Sunday, May 6, 2012

Awakening Message | Teachings from the Pleiadians

Teachings From The Pleiadians

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Get comfortable, learn, absorb, discern and enjoy <3

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The dark force is simply fear that vibrates out of lack of information - I intend for all of my other selves to come along on this journey and for them to get Light as well.

The human experiment has had the same radio station on for 300,000 years, same old tunes. The human experiment was unable to turn the dial to hear a different frequency broadcast. We must now alter and remove the frequency of limitation and bring in the frequency of information. When you are informed, we move beyond the need to be in fear.

People who need to watch television are not tapping into the wealth of information that is in their minds and are immediately accessible all around them. If you really want to evolve, do not read your newspapers, do not listen to the radio and do not wactch televison. If you are able to be media free for periods of time, and you disengage yourself from the frequency of chaos and anxiety and stress and hustle bustle and temptations of all kinds that you dont need, you begin to get clear. You begin to listen to what is going on inside of yourself and to live of the world and not neccessarily be lost in it. You become clear. We cannot emphasise this enough. 

Focus on the dance of yourself. To what tune will you dance and to what magic will you perform? To what heights will you be willing to push consciousness to give it a new definition of possibilities?

The more Light you bring, the faster it will spread.

Say to yourself: what do i want? I want to accelerate my personal evolution. I want Spirit to assist me in a greater capacity. I want my body to regenerate itself. I want to eminate health. I want to give up difficulty, so that I can be a living example of what humanity can be. ~ It is this line of thinking, this commanding from your Being and calling out what you want with clarity thats brings you everything in acceleration. 

Do not be afraid of what you create. Trust what you create. Trust that there is always something in it for you. Do not sweep your dramas under the rug as if they are old dirty horrible things and you never wish to see them again. Get finished with these dramas. Stop cycling in them and being lost in them. However, understand that the drama you have had with your Mother, your brother, your sister, your lover, is something you may use 20 years later to come to a whole new realisation. So let these life dramas be like a file for you. Finish them up, resolve them as best you can, create peace, accept your part in them, then let them cycle back through your consciousness to teach you something.

Victims find victims. Victors find victors.


  1. Wow! The message from the Pleiadians really resonated with me.

    I KNOW that all energies are interconnected (the light & the dark) in order for things to be brought into balance we must always use discernment when it comes to information.

    There was nothing in this message that gave me that feeling of "eew". It felt completely right.

    This message feels good and does not fly in the face of prophecy and biblical teachings. Which is important for me because although I am not "religious" but rather spiritual, it feels best to me when our creator is a part of the equation.

    Loved it! Thank"s for sharing it:)

  2. Great site, love your stuff Kelly and your youtube, keep up the great work.