Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 20th 2012 ~ Links To Find Out More

What's Happening In Our Solar System On May 20th?

 (The panasonic window on the above page seems the best so far) ENJOY!   


According to some internet sources, we should get our party shoes on because look whats about to happen (supposedly) on or around 20th May 2012

Cosmic event

  Annular Eclipse

  Mega Earthquake May as announced by the Mayans

  QUETZALCOATL return of the jaguar serpent

whoop whoop ! happy dance is here!!!!!!! Yeeeee Ha!
♥ Bring it on Baby! ♥
..... and if nothing big, externally, takes place, well, just don't visit the above websites anymore :)
I think the problem for many people is the "waiting" for something to happen. Been there. Done that. Got disappointed each time! Lesson learned! So now,
I observe
I learn
I self educate
I laugh
I feel
I love
I am detatched from mere words
I am attached to pure Spirit
and if something big, externally, does NOT take place .....
Well, I know, for sure, that something INternally is certainly happening
What ever happens
~ LOVE ~

~ * ~

~ * ~
~ * ~
~ * ~
and something to think about .......

So now that you've found out what could possibly be happening in our solar system on May 20th 2012 .....

As above ~ So below !


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  2. sending a link
    foud it interresting
    about all thats happening

    lot of love from estonia

    1. This is fantastic, tuuli. Thank you!

      This video connects a couple of things I've seen. Firstly this:
      and subsequent Tolec/Andromeda Council response: "a. What appears to be a connective 'umbilical cord' is functionally the same thing. It is a conduit that is connected from one of our Andromeda Council biospheres to your sun. The reason that the color of our biosphere is black and dark is because an ultraviolet radioactive protective shield is in place to protect the biosphere while the work is being done. This biosphere is one of the Andromeda Council's ships. The technology being used originated on the planet Terial in the Mirach star system.

      This work being done to feed and transfer via the connective 'umbilical cord', the conduit, to the Sun - the proper amount & adjusted vibratory rate - helium to help raise the overall vibrational frequency of the Sun so that it will become a blue white star." (

      And this from Sheldon Nidle:
      a couple of years old, but the sequence of events he proposes (or is relaying) is partly being supported elsewhere by people like Ben Fulford and David Wilcock (prosperity, mass arrests, change over of government leadership, disclosure). The part I didn't understand was the part about the "Migration" to Inner Earth. Why would we be migrating?

      Well, if the sun is going to expand, as Pane Andov says, thereby frying Outer Earth*, we would need to be protected. During this time of rebirth on Outer Earth and the evolution of our sun from a yellow star to a blue white star, as stated by the Andromeda Council via Tolec, we would be protected by the Agarthan population within the Earth and have the opportunity to heal and continue to evolve.

      *The image of the phoenix comes to mind: from the ashes is born a new world. It's fantastically poetic, I think.

      Like you, Kelly, I'm just trying to figure out the truth in between taking care of my two kids. And until something a bit more tangible manifests, these are all wonderfully interesting stories.

      By the by, that cosmic event that Tolec mentioned, in his interview about the destruction of the last undersea base (, if you listen closely to the point, about 30 minutes in, where he is talking about the nuclear fusion generators, he states (33:30) that he was told that if these generators had "gone off" or been exploded/bombed or whatever, that it would cause a "complete collapse of the whole Eastern Seaboard."

      I gather that the earthquake will not be in a regular earthquake prone area, (He says, "It will be so out of the norm of what people expect, people are gonna go, 'Huh? That, here? How?'")

      So maybe the Eastern Seaboard (presumably he's referencing the US Eastern Seaboard) was just an example to elucidate how destructive the generators were, or maybe not. Maybe that's the area of the world where the last base was.

      I checked a map of fault lines + tectonic lines and the Eastern Seaboard of the US comes up pretty barren. Also, given the general proximity to DC (aka, Illuminati central, after London and Rome), I wouldn't be surprised if it's there.

      (Been sitting on this bit for about a month, waiting to share at an appropriate time. This seemed right.)

      Many blessings,

    2. Kettunainen,

      I find it interesting that you post this now. I had a few hours talk in a Facebook group last night about this very thing .... and Tolec.

      I brought the suns umbilical cord to Tolecs attention ... and his response was as you have stated above. If he had told us this would happen BEFORE hand, we would have gotten our proof.

      However, I can confirm proof for you .... when it happens. I have been told exactly where this "earthquake" will take place - a volcano actually, that will rise from the ocean (as they do) but a quake will result from it and will be felt around the entire planet.

      Im guessing between May 2oth and the end of the first week of June .... I have my reasons for this guess. So, we will certainly see VERY soon. xx

    3. Yep, I know it was you who brought that video to Tolec's attention -- that's how I found you! That was a couple of months ago or so. I've been enjoying your posts ever since. :)

      Very interesting timing, though. Cool! And I'm sooooo excited/anxious for things to get moving in a public way.

      'felt around the world'? that's... big. O_O And yes, that timeframe seems appropriate between the annular eclipse/alignment (+Pleiadian/Alcyon alignment) and the Transit of Venus.

    4. I just heard that tomorrow, June 2nd, is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. (I knew it was coming; just didn't care to find out when.) And I keep thinking, wouldn't it be great if the cosmic event was on the same day? Kind of like a big eff-you to the Queen and all she has furthered and has represented...

  3. With all of the research that I have been doing and the info that you have here as well, I feel that the sun will become a stargate with this alignment, the eclipse, and the quadrapoles occurring. Thank you for posting this info. I am excited and curious to see what develops from this point on.

    1. Lets keep our eyes to the skies ..... and see what happens :)

  4. That looks amazing, Kelly, I wonder how we could 'link in' to be able to witness this, is there a site that will do this? (I haven't yet had time to look at all your video links)...sorry....I, too am excited about this.
    Thanks for sharing....
    Love & Light from Sylvia in Sydney, Oz...xxxxx

    1. Just look up - we wont see the eclipse here In OZ so Ive heard .... It should be all over the net the next day though - and if we "feel a rumble" well, we'll know - if we dont .... we'll know then too ;)

      There is a global meditation happening 20th May - you could "link in" to that if you like ;) Just google it if you're keen xx