Friday, May 4, 2012

Steps To Meditation ~ Follow Along Video

Here is a meditation technique that I use to

help me connect with my Higher Self.

The video will walk you through each step so just relax and follow along. When you have practiced this meditation a few times, you'll be able to "get in" and "get back" within just a few minutes.  Enjoy!

Here are the steps from the meditation video above:

Get comfortable in a chair, close your eyes

Feel your feet firmly on the floor

Breathe in long and deep

Breathing in so long, that your stomach fills with air, much like a balloon fills up with air

Exhale long and slowly, so that it might even seem like your stomach is touching your backbone

Keep breathing like this. Slow breaths, deep breaths, feel your stomach rise and fall

Now in your mind, say to yourself, I call Light to me

On your next breath in, visualise, you are breathing in a beautiful white Light ~ all the way in ~ and its filling up every fibre of your Being

As you exhale, visualise the Light, coming out into the space around you

Keep breathing like this

In your mind, say to yourself, I call Love to me

On your next breath in, visualise you are breathing in Love. Any colour will do

Filling your entire Being with Love

Exhale Love out into the space around you

Through the rest of this meditation, you will be breathing in both Light and Love, with every deep breath and exhaling both Light, and Love, out,  into the space around you

Keep breathing

In your mind, say to yourself, I call my Guide to me

You do not need to know your Guide's name, or what they look like. Just realise, your Guide is standing next to you, right Now, as you are sitting

Now I want you to visualise yourself in a place that could be in nature. You could be on a beach, or in a beautiful forest, or in a meadow. You could be in the clouds or up in the universe with the stars.

Be there Now. Visualise you are there Now.

Breathing in the Light and the Love and exhaling the Light and the Love into the space around you

Acknowledge the Light and Love that is with you

Acknowledge your Guide that is still beside you

Off in the distance, you see a shimmering energy

This energy is coming closer to you

Your Guide is with you. Light and Love is with you. You are safe, and know that you are loved

The energy that is coming toward you, might be taking shape

It might be the shape of a person. It could be an Orb of energy.

This is your Higher Self, coming toward you

As your Higher Self approaches, you feel a strong energy of Love, radiating outwards and into your heart

Absorb the Love from your Higher Self, and return it back to your Higher Self

Feel the switching of energies between you. You are One

Your Higher Self is your consciousness, is your Love, is everything you could possibly imagine yourself to be.

Everything wonderful and bright and amazing

I'm going to leave you with your Higher Self for a moment. There might be some questions that you want to ask. If you have some, ask them in your mind, and wait for an answer. If you're not quite feeling an energy with you at the moment, that's OK. Practice, and you will get it :)

Take a minute or two to be with your Higher Self , when you have had enough time ....

It is time to thank your Higher Self

Have a hug

Acknowledge your Guide 

Acknowledge the Light and the Love

Feel your self back, in your body

Your feet firmly on the floor

Wriggle around your fingers and your toes

 And when you're ready ........

                                            Open your eyes

                                                                        Welcome back

                                                                                                    I hope you enjoyed your meditation


  1. Isn't your higher self/soul already within you? This meditation is good for relaxation and inner awareness but to strengthen the connection/relationship with our higher self we DO need to follow through with our inner guidance and make changes in our life consistent with that guidance. When we follow through, we will receive feedback and that feedback will let us know experientially that we ARE connected and increase our confidence in our inner guidance, our relationship with higher self, more and more. I also have another meditation that I have on my blog...for anyone who'd like to try it. ( Thanks.

    1. Hi Christine, I am learning that we are an EXTENSION of our Higher Self. And no, according to some, our Soul (entire soul) is not always with us. I will be making a video about this soon and what I have learned

      We are always connected to Source but many people are not CONSCIOUSLY connected, therefore, they ignore those inner nudges, or inner guidance, and wonder why their life is the way it is. I agree, we need to follow through with those nudges .... but in order to do so, we must first become AWARE of them.

      I find this a fascinating subject. All we need to do is "tap in" :) xx

  2. Hi Kelly, it's true that we are not aware of our entire soul. That would mean being aware of all our lifetimes (our infinite life) and our purpose here was to forget who we were so that we could experience and learn the lessons of duality (which... eventually... would raise our awareness as well as joy and appreciation much farther than ever possible before).

    And I do agree that most people aren't even aware of their inner guidance, being aware of what's possible/available is always the first step. Thanks! Christine Hoeflich

  3. After a few concentrating on your breath now switch to your thoughts. Take a notice what your thought are concentrating on. Be an observant of yourself. Treat it as if you trying to listen to someone else's thoughts. You want to be aware of your thought process and not in just one thought.

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