Saturday, May 5, 2012

Transmuting Negative Energies

Be nice to negative energy ~ Show them the way to the Light

Quick Tip: Before communicating with or transmuting any kind of energy,
make sure you have your Light, Love, Guide and Angels with you! 

I think back to when I was 13 years old. I lived in New Zealand with my mother and father. We would go away on holidays and Dads friend would house sit for us and he would sleep in my room.

After one of our trips, we returned home to a very upset house sitter. "I'm sorry mate but I am never staying in that room again!" said Dad's friend.

I was 13. I didn't know what was wrong. Why wouldn't he stay in my room?

Months passed, and I remember watching TV one night with Mum. It was around 9pm and Dad had gone to bed. I thought he had got up for a drink because I "felt ' someone behind me so I turned back to look for Dad.

No one was there.

Mum saw me. She said "you feel them, don't you?"

I nodded. Mum smiled and told me not to worry, They were just watching TV with us.

Way back then I didn't know who "they" were ~ but I knew "they" were something! I felt them. I felt their energy ............

This went on for a while. Nothing dramatic. I just felt this energy moving through different rooms of our home ..... and into my bedroom each night .....  until one day, the energy started getting cheeky ........ and then scary !

I don't want to go into it because I dont want to dredge it all up again.

Long story short, Mum and Dad got a priest around to bless our house. The energies got all fired up and a few days later, they were gone :)  Phew!

At 13, I didn't know about energy transmutation. I didn't know that my thoughts were made of energy. But at 13, I did know .... that energies ..... were very, VERY real!

Here, I will add a video about some energies that I felt last week, and how I transmuted them :)  Well I did something (theres that doubt again Kel)  tsk tsk! LOL ~ It's all good!

If you have transmuted energies before I'd love to hear your story :)



  1. What is a thought?
    About the future, present, or past brought,
    Where do thoughts come from?
    A singularity in my heart welling up a strum,
    What thoughts may come?
    And thoughts do come as I beat my own drum!

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