Friday, May 4, 2012

We are spiritual beings having a human experience

We are spiritual beings having a human experience ~ OK, I get that, but what ARE we?

What IS a spiritual being?
Where did we come from?
Where are we going to?
What is this Shift all about?

Have we, as humans, really been deceived?
How have we been manipulated and why?

So many questions ...... and here I am, seeking answers, finding my Self.

Hi all, I'm Kelly. Im a Mum, a wife, a poet, a conspiracy theorist and a spiritual truth seeker :)

In the moment of writing this, I have no special psychic skills, I have not been in touch with any ET's and I cannot predict the future - yet :)  I remain open.

Since 2007, I have been playing around with the law of attraction, you know, experimenting, and discovering that it IS an absolute law. It works. But the law of attraction only scratches the surface of this wonderful earthly journey that we are now on.

So here I am, fumbling my way through story upon story, discerning for myself between lies, truth and possibilities.

I have decided to Blog from this point on. It is the 4th of May 2012 but before I continue my journey, let me show you what I have come up with so far:

Here are some of my other websites that cover my "truth seeking" in more detail

Powerful Tools 4 Life is about the law of attraction, what it is and how it works

Find Your Truth is more about the different topics that have been manipulated for humanity. These cover vaccinations, HAARP, fluoride, chemtrails, pineal gland, Google Earth patterns  etc etc

Here is my playlist of Tolec and his messages he received from the Andromeda Council. To this very day, I do not know if what he says IS the truth. Im sure the Spring of 2012 will tell if what he says DOES happen OR if an excuse is made up.

A short playlist about breaking away from society

Another playlist about personal energy, mindset and weight loss

My eldest daughter (13) is also "finding her way" through this wonderful ride of life and transition. She is building her own website about her experiences and discoveries here.

And now begins my brand new blogging experience :)

I wonder what I'll find out next ~ hehehe

To my powerfultools4life subscribers, some of us have shared some learning experiences over the last 6 years together ~  Feel free to subscribe to this new blog at the end of this page or here since the powerfultools website is no longer being monitored.  I'd love to keep in touch and I love learning from you all. Heres to life and learning and love ~ Love, Much Love xxxx ~ Your friend, Kelly


  1. Thanks kelly! i'm looking forward to your blog!

  2. This will be great Kelly, I'll be here :)Hugs, Mi

  3. following, learning, questionning :)

    1. I am doing the same. Isn't it fun to see that other people are aware that life is a spiritual journey
      full of mystery and wonder:)
      I have mostly always felt like I was a bit alone in that feeling. I have had many astounding and deep spiritual experiences since I was a small child and I am so greatful to be able to blog with others who are seekers of truth. Thanks to you kelly!:)

  4. This is wonderful Kelly!

    I also resonate with just about everything you say:) I enjoy your positive energy, it helps me to feel more normal about being excited in the midst of what people who are not spiritually aware consider "just lot's of negative stuff going on in the world". I want to help them to understand, but this has to be done with kid gloves. The old saying "gotta break some eggs to make a cake" comes to mind

    1. Ooooo I like that! "gotta break some eggs to make a cake" ~ yep, sure gets the point across xx

  5. Popping in from youtube. If you haven't seen it already, you may be interested in the movie Thrive from It's a free 2.5hr movie and I thought it was all kinds of awesome. It covers many things that you have on your Find Your Truth website (except weather modification and we know where to go for that sort of info already).

    Will be checking back periodically. Good luck with this new leg of your journey! :)

    1. I love Thrive - I watched it last year. Im so glad they are now making it in a variety of other languages :) xx

  6. I too have felt alone in this journey, however I find as time goes on, there are more and more joining in as time goes on! I have asked the universe to bless me with more like minded individuals and it is being answered! Slowly but surely. Even those closest to me! The law of attraction does work, and in amazing ways. I know the light will win in the end and if it seems like it won't, I just keep telling myself that it is always darkest before dawn when I do feel down. You are helping me in my journey and you are more then half across the world fom me...that is the amazing part of it. How can you and I feel the same, being a world apart! I love being awake and I am up to the challange of making a differnce in this world! Peace and prosperity should be available to all! You are awesone! P.s. - I have never posted a comment on here or tubetube ever until now, but you have inspired me :)Thank you!

    1. Thats wonderful Jilly ~ Im glad to have you interacting and by the looks of it, you should do it more often. You have such a quiet calmness in your words and I KNOW, by sharing a little piece of you (like you have just now) WILL help may others.

      The Light will always dissolve the darkness. Always has. Always will. xxx Much love to you xxxx

  7. From never posting to two in a row! lol...I read one of the comments on here about the weather modifications..for some reason, this is one of my main focus's. I don't want it to be because I don't want to give it my energy but it is there, if you pay attention, you can't deny its happening. For two weeks now, non stop, they have been spraying the skies. It makes me so sad. It's not like it even rains..just a dark cloud haze day after day. I really think the main reason is the block the sun from us. I woke up this morning (May 4th) and saw the streaks in the sky. I went back to bed and sencerily prayed for one day of sun. We ended up having a beautiful day!..Not saying I have that power lol, however it ended up a being super nice out, clouds were there but not in a big sheet of haze. The clouds were in amazing shapes, almost angleic like. (There is a name for them..if your curious just ask..) I believe a higher power IS there for us, helping us. I have pictures I would love to share of this...Can we do that on here?! There is so much truth being kept from us. I am happy to be on this journey with you!

  8. Lol, Kelly, I have watched your vid's for a while now...your quick response!lol...My heart beated in my chest! Still is!LOL.Talking to you live! I am pretty shy and I have had my deal of negative people in my life and I guess you could say I'm pretty sensitive, that's why i have never posted, just "observed" due to the harsh world out there...and here you are, posting your raw feelings right out there for anyone to see! I admire that and you are helping me put my feelings out there, and like you said, maybe I could stike a cord with someone else out there and help them in thier journey :)

    1. absolutely Jilly! You are striking cords now with what you are writing :) Its all good.

      As for the spraying, its great to be aware of it (and all the other strange stuff) but dont let it consume you, its simply not worth it! Your prayers have Power (but you already know that :)

      What a wonderful Ride this is through this duality we have co-created ....... in joy the experiences, as they expand Who-We-Really-Are - yippeeeee :)

      Off to play with the kids now but I hope you keep in touch. This is fantastic that you are sharing your Light and I thank you xxx

  9. Keep up the good work Kelly.

    Love and Peace is the real winner :)

  10. I just wanted to say hi Kelly :) I seen you stopped your video's and I respect your decision. Even though there are the people who comment negatively and can be discouraging, I am happy you made all the one's you did. It's not easy to show your raw feelings and experiences for everyone to see. If (and when lol) you start them up again, I will be right there to watch and support. Love and light! Mwah!

    1. Awwww, thanks Jilly. Great to talk with you again. Yes, I have stopped making videos (for now) and even deleted over 150 of the ones I made.

      I have learned that whats positive to us, might not be so to others. Since 4D energies are slowly becoming manifest in our realities, I didnt want to put more stuff "out there" that could upset another. In my ignorance I thought I was helping by sharing, but realise, its not my job as people will learn in their own way of their own truths.

      I guess I did what I did, when I did it - as that was the time for me to broadcast what I did ....... Theres now a quietening within me. I have not stopped learning though ;) Never will........ Mwah right back to you. Lots of love my friend xxx Namaste ~ Kelly

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