Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Contribution To Lessen Overpriced Bullshet!

Money, money, money!

If you've read some of my stuff already, you'll know I'm not a big fan of doing things "the hard way". Almost everything is rediculously overpriced these days - even the basics such as food  and shelter - simply ludicrous. These are the basics for humanity to live, at least, comfortably.

But NO ..... mortgages are through the roof and the paperwork in itself to even get a mortgage is just laughable. When you have the house, here in Australia, you can't even do anything with it (extensions etc) unless you get "permission" from the council - "shelter" is so overpriced and many houses remain vacant due to forclosure or some other reason and my point is:

we have vacant houses AND homeless people!
Hello? Bloody governments!

What about food? Oh man, don't even get me STARTED on food! Almost everything on the supermarket shelves nowdays is either in plastic bags or foods in tins. As for "fresh" vegetables and fruits, most contain residue of pesticides and herbicides and some are even genetically modified. If you dont know what that means, look up GMO's! Bloody governments!

As for me and my family - sure, we have a roof over our heads. Its not a mansion but it is very much a Home. We've filled it with love and laughter and live life simply. We pay our mortgage - our ingrained belief is that "we always have enough" - and with law of attraction, so it is.

Our family has two chickens that roam the backyard. They lay us 2 eggs every day :) Our 2 adorable dogs are wonderful teachers and also provide us with affectionate cuddles. We also have a vegetable patch WITHOUT pesticides and herbicides sprayed on them and we have an apple tree. Of course we still go to the shop and buy supplies when needed. We can do this. Some can't.

At the moment, I am unable to help, hands on, with building shelters for the homeless (I'm expanding my vibrational belief system though so anythings possible :) I also cannot walk up to food producers and tell them to take all of the crap out foods (even though I have tried and I continue working on it) ..... What I CAN do, is help you to get online without the overpriced BS!

There are MANY things that I am passionate about and I have found the BEST way to share these passions and ideas of mine is to blurt it all out online for the whole world to see :)

There's no more hiding our Inner Essence during this revolution of consciousness

I'm talking about building a website just for YOU and YOUR ideas and passions! I know, its not food, its not shelter, but its a start for you to venture out there into the world of great possibilities. Share your thoughts about homelessness, organic foods, government policies, vaccinations, hobbies, passions, anything you can think of

whatever you want!

And since I'm so fed up of the overpriced bullshet, I'm not charging thousands of dollars (like some companies and people do). Im not even charging hundreds of dollars! Not even 50 bucks!

My service is only $47 AND if you don't like what I build for you, then you don't even have to pay!

It's time to share your voice - regardless of what the subject may be. Get your passions OUT THERE and let's make YOUR mark on the world xxx

Much Love to you
~ Kelly


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