Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Zealand, Rotorua, On A Budget

Here we are, planning a trip to Rotorua later this year and I've come across a VERY cheap way to do it! So, once again, I share what I find :)

It all started with looking at flights from Brisbane, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. I found a cheap flight through Jet Abroad and I highly recommend them and their prices :)

One thing I learned, to visit some countries, you may need to have at least 6 months remaining on your passport when you return. This is NOT the case with travelling between Australia and New Zealand. The flight centre thought it was BUT the NZ High commission and Australia Immigration says otherwise. As long as we have a valid passport, we're good to go :) Nevermind the 6 month thing. Just thought I'd mention that!

Next we looked into buses from Auckland to Rotorua and return. The trip would take 3 hours and 30 min at $27 per person to get there and $27 return. There will be 4 of us travelling so we have opted to get a car instead.

Surprisingly, the car hire will be only $32 a day (they also have some for $15 a day ut we need room for our backpacks!), so we booked one for 5 days so we can travel around Rotorua at our leisure. This price includes insurance and roadside assist but you got to pay for petrol. I hear its around $2 a litre in NZ. Hmmmm... Check the cars out here with ACE rentals :)

Accommodation in Rotorua is plentiful from backpackers to hotels, lodges and apartments. Here is a really CHEAP place to find accommodation and book it at a discounted rate!  This accommodation site is EASY to use and simple to understand.

I plan on blogging about our travels with lots of photos and more prices of activities that we went to etc ....... but we've got a few more months to go yet :)

Bugger the earthquakes. Bugger the conspiracy theories. Book, book, book and go, go, go ! You only live once (til next time ;) 

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