Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Creative Home Schooling

Think For Yourselves and Get Creative

Our Art Class With Our Home's Cool Community Group today proved to be a big hit with my girls.
As the children and parents were called in to sit on the grass under the tall gum trees, our lesson began.

Todays "teachers" were Damien and Rach from The Grid Play On Play Workshops in Toowoomba.

The kids had a wide range of boxes, beads, wool, strings, sparkles, papers, scissors, glues, spray paints, drawing stuffs .......... and a MYRIAD of free fallen supplies from Mother Nature Herself :)

The children were given the suggestion to make Christmas decorations. Not necessarily what is seen in the shops for sale, but they were encouraged to look "within" themselves and decide what THEY felt Christmas is all about. After they had decided on a feeling or a thought, they were free to unleash their creativity, gathering fallen leaves and twisted bark and seeds and combining it with art supplies from inside.

Wow! It was an absolute blast! (yes, I had a play too - couldnt resist ;) and the turn out of artistic flair was absolutely awe inspiring. Well done kids and parents ~ and a big thanks to Ken and Susie for organising this and for Damien and Rach for helping us all tap into our creative potential <3


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