Sunday, November 11, 2012

Strange Earth Sound Near Toowoomba

Last night, on 10/11/12 (10 November), at 11:45pm, we heard a VERY strange sound. Anyone else?

We are just outside of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. If you can imagine a very large cow skin Indian drum, being pounded once, it sounded like that with 5 "echoes" after the initial BOOM.

I imagine a rock being thrown into a lake, BOOM, and ripples wave outward.

My husband and I looked at each other as we lay in bed and said "WHAT was that?" It was a sound we have never heard before and a vibration we had never experienced. There was not one location that we could pinpoint the sound to. It was "everywhere" and resonated from the earth herself.

This morning, I rang the police station to see if any reports were filed last night about the strange loud BOOM that we heard. Nothing. But then the police lady goes on to say that she has heard a similar thing in the past and its mind boggling - sounded like it was coming from the earth ..... yep, thats the one alright! Curiouser and curiouser ........

My daughter and I decided to do some more research. We knocked on a few doors around our street to ask about this loud BOOM last night. Interesting! Next door was asleep but said her dog was acting strange all that day, hiding under furniture etc. The kids across the road heard the boom as did the man up the road. A lady down the road was woken by the vibration of it!

I have checked Geoscience Australia and Live earthquake maps but there is nothing. Zero. Zip, Nada. Hmmmmm........... Fascinating :)

Just thought this was worth mentioning is all xxx Be safe ~ Kel




  1. some people belive its underground drilling, and/or the delvelopment of under ground cities... so much we dont know....