Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our 1st Global Love Letter Deliveries

We had written up some Global Love Letters ( as shown in this previous post ), and what better way to START our very first deliveries of GLOBAL love letters then in

Two different countries
Over one day
At two International Airports
So anyone and everyone
From anywhere and everywhere
around our magnificent planet

could pick up a Global Love Letter for themselves and share the love :)

It was October 15th, 2012, a few weeks ago, and my little family and I, headed to Brisbane International Airport. While we were waiting for our flight, we dropped some Global Love Letters for fellow travellers to find. We couldn't photogrpah every drop as this is an annonymous mission ;)

The first drop that we could take a photo of, was on our international flight in the fold out food tray :)

Letters were also dropped at Rotorua ........
..... Warkworth ........

.......... Auckland Musem .......

 and Whangarei :)

just to name a few places :)

And, since we would only be in New Zealand for 16 days, we left love letters everywhere we went and covered over half of the North Island of New Zealand, between Whangarei and Palmerston North - with Love <3

Now we are back home in Australia ...... time to start delivering the love here too :) Pen and paper out ....  and so the Love Train continues......

All Aboard


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