Monday, April 1, 2013

Astral Travel, Global Elite, ET's, Mind Control, Telepathy

A very educational 1 hour and 44 minutes ♥ Glad I watched it!
I've typed out some quick points from this video where Dr. RAUNI KILDE shares her lifelong research - here is what I found in the video :

Due to humanity’s aggressive nature, we only use a small percentage of our brain ~ our mind capacity is being supressed and if it wasn’t, in this current aggressive state of mind, our planet would have been destroyed a long time ago……

Instantaneous travel in astral body. On death, you are taken to The Light where it asks “what have you done with your life” and then you get the life review so you, and only you, can judge yourself ♥
Timelines and time travel to send your energy to the future or the past …. And change it. Stargates have been experimented with and travel only took a few seconds. This will eliminate traffic in the future. Creating our future using law of attraction.

 Military intelligence and Global Elite use to practice mind control on mental patients and prisoners …. And now they use it on anyone. They use the satellites and super computers and technologies to beam down to any point (mobiles, computers, TV, street lamps, etc) and beam through certain frequencies eg: aggression , Elite have done this for 40 years. She shares how we can use universal energy as protective shields ♥ Dr. RAUNI KILDE also talks of things dematerialising and materialising before her eyes. She is asked if religion has been a form of planetary mind control …… among other things – media etc

 UN Agenda 21 says 85% of the world population has to be eliminated. Mobile phones are addictive and cause cancers, a part of the depopulation process.
Scientists and medical doctors run tests using children to split the mind (split personalities), torture techniques are involved.

 She talks about NATO, gun laws, 9/11, and from the 1:04min mark, she moves on to UFO’s

UFO’s, we are all “aliens” and we are all energy. The UFO she encountered, was emitting a frequency of fear in order to keep animals and humans from attacking. Her dream experience of ET’s cloning her – and her friends saw her in Spain (but she had never been to Spain)
We can send our energy anywhere in the universe. Many of us have come from other dimensions, other timelines, other planets.

 She talks about the elite with their symbolism, satanic rituals, secret handshakes and maybe this is their way of “calling in” to another dimension. Elite continue to supress the fact that we have “contact” because if the public found out that we have far more advanced technologies on other planets, the elites would lose their power.

 Always listen to your heart, never listen to your brain because that’s often very wrong where the heart is always, ALWAYS right ♥

 Barack Obama was selected (not elected). All the people that took the Swine Flu Vaccine are now mind controlled she says. The vaccine contained a chip in it. Bill Gates said that vaccines are part of the world depopulation program and vaccines contain a sterilising agent so people cannot reproduce.
Dr Rauni then goes on to talk about the biggest weapon in the world – HAARP – and how it works and what it can do.

 When people first awaken to this, the first reaction is fear…. Until they start to actually “think”. Dr Rauni says we need to send love and light to the darkside, it is the only way. Love IS he way.
Use telepathy. Send a telepathic message out to those on your same frequency saying – lets send the love and light now. Its time to work together, from the heart.

Here is the video on You Tube ~ InJoy
Much Love xo ~ Kelly

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