Monday, April 22, 2013

Why Is The Boston Bombing Set Up So Obvious?

If it's not obvious by now, to the whole world, that the job of The MAINSTREAM MEDIA (MSM) IS TO SPREAD FEAR, then I don't know how much more obvious things have to get before people realise that they HAVE BEEN DUPED into believing in fear based stories as part of a global agenda to keep humanity in a lower vibrational state because that's what the dark powers feed off - lower stuffs - and boy o boy, they LOVE it!

With such a gullible human race that has been dumbed down over centuries in a myriad of different ways, no wonder they, tptw, think they still have half a chance ..... but in reality, they don't.

Many of us have grounded so much Light and expanded ourselves from the heart to spill forth with Awakening, Transparency, Truths, and the story continues to unfold <3

ABC news needs a new film editor ........ because they stuffed up with a scene that was aired to mainstream TV about the Boston bombings. Oops! Take a look:

and if you want to see how the Boston bombing actors helped to organise the fake amputee man .... here's the frame by frame shots 
BUT..... according to some, this is NOT the governor of Nevada 
I don't live there so I don't know
But hey, you make up your own mind.
 The thing that gets me is ......
Why is this false flag soooo obvious?
Why has soooo much information been made to remain available to the public?
The one thing I never mentioned on the video was .......
What if this is all made to be an obvious set up so the public pull down the current government so humanity can be herded off to some other organised thingy-me-bob?
What if this is so obvious because we are all awakening and can now "see" what they are, and have always been doing?
What if this is so obvious because the powers that were are finally grasping at the final straws as they collapse and in their haste to grab the final shreds of power, they keep stuffing up?
Just a thought. You decide! Be aware and the ONLY truth that you need to KNOW, is the truth from within xx   

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