Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Explosions Research

When something big like this takes place, we must ask ourselves - why, and what could this possibly be distracting us from? We've got a mind of our own, so lets use it! Now lets take a closer look .......

.... one other thing to keep in mind is, if all of the links below are still working, we need to also ask ourselves ..... why? ;) Why are we "allowed" to see these links? Enjoy your research!

 This first link is latest info ***April 17th 2013, Lieutenant Colonel ROY Potter explains how this is the most dangerous time on
earth since the Kennedy assassination. He talks about the Boston Marathon bombing and how there are parts of government that are ready to seize power.

He talks about: the collapse of Gold, and why that happened. Texas asked for their gold back .... (this video was made before the texas explosion) He says how there is a war that's going on INside government that is going to spill out into the general population.

Do your own research ♥ 

While you were distracted by Boston and Texas, congress passed CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protect Act )

  The Boston Globe mentions a controlled explosion about to take place

Authorities announced "drill" before explosions took place

In a televised address, US President Barack Obama said those responsible will 'feel the full weight of  justice'. Read more:

U.S. Treasury vs Federal Reserve
Financial War Escalates and
the Countdown Starts
(April 14th 2013)

Banks Snagged 55 Tons of Gold Physical Market on Fire!!! (15th April 2013)

Extreme Nervousness in Regards to Collapse of Gold Silver. A snippet from this article "If there is war in Korea, Rule predicts, “If a nuke goes off on the Korean Peninsula, the first move in precious metals would be down. . . . The second move would be higher. " (15th April 2013)

"We are able, the United States and China, to underscore our joint commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula in a peaceful manner," Kerry told reporters (13th April 2013)

20 Year Old Arab Arrested For Boston Explosion

Boston Marathon Bombing Facebook Page Created 2 Days PRIOR? (*note: keep in mind that page owners can change their page name and the "join" date remains the same, so this, to me, is not really proof, but take a look. Use your own mind) )

It is good to be aware. Anything could happen at any time ♥ I guess, we will see what unfolds from here. Feel free to share and add more links below for others to research as the story unfolds ♥ Peace be with us all xx YOU decide 

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