Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Song ~ Bunya Mountains ~ June 2013

I snuck away from my warm house
As quiet as a little mouse
They didn't know that I was gone
I left so I could find My Song

Here I sit with natures sounds
The cool crisp morning all around
The grasses wet with morning dew
The hillside packed with grazing roos

A joey tucked in mothers pouch
His tiny head is poking out
He sniffs the air so cautiously
Mum pricks her ears and looks at me

I turn my gaze toward the sky
Clouds like ribbons glide on by
As sunshine lifts her fiery head
To wake the birds all from their beds

 This view is simply so divine
The cool soft breeze through Bunya Pine
A crackling sound by birds and beaks
As they sort through which seeds to eat
The thumping of a playful Roo
As he bounds through the morning dew
The other Roos watch him jump past
And then return to eating grass

I'm glad I've had this time with "Me"
I'm actually quite good company
To sit with Mother Nature's kin
I've found that My Song dwells within

written by Kelly Flack - June 14th 2013


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