Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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ETHOS - documentary review

Here are some notes from the documentary I have just watched:

All politicians answer to the same "master".

Monsanto's lie about cows' being injected with RBGH that was approved by the FDA as "healthy" for consumers ..... but then all the defects started happening

People consume antibiotics through the foods they eat

The Federal reserve Bank of the USA is not owned by the government. It is owned by a private banking cartel. These banks lend money to governments. The power to regulate and control the money supply, therefore is NOT in the hands of the government - but in the hands of the Federal Reserve bank.

"It is bewildering to think that we allow an unelected and unregulated group of private bankers to wield such an incredible influence over our society. The truth is, most of us will live from pay check to pay check in a continued state of struggle, unable to question a system of finance that keeps us on a constant treadmill, and while many of us struggle to stay ahead, billions of dollars flow into the hands of private bankers at our expense, for this, is how the system works"~ ETHOS the documentary

"When the government needs money, it requests it from the Federal Reserve bank. Every dollar that is loaned to the government, has to be paid back, with interest. This keeps the government, and as such, the people, in a continuous state of debt. All of our income taxes, are paid back to the Federal reserve, to pay off the debt that the government incurs when it borrows money from the Federal Reserve bank. This is all a matter of public record, and easily verifiable should you care to look." ~ from the documentary
MEDIA: Bernays stimulated the psychological lives of the public by triggering certain subconscious needs and desires in order to make the human being, a passive consumer. People are trained via mainstream media, to want new things, even before the old, has been consumed. Bernays showed the corporations how they could make people want things that they did not need by linking products to their unconscious desires, and the mass media, is the key. The public is now sold everything from plastic gadgets to warfare, and its all based on psychological desire, rather than an inherent need.
Basically, there is a group of men, that have access to the Whitehouse, control the media and make obscene amounts of money whenever there is war.
(paraphrase)  Wars are set up in such a way and presented to the public via TV media by news readers that are taught what to say and how to say it. Governments prepare a story line and then sell it ~ Lt.Col Karen Kwiatkowski, Pentagon staff officer
Right now, the right to freedom of speech, the right to free assembly, and the right to a fair trial, are no longer protected by law. ~ Woody Harrelson

 Watch the ETHOS documentary above. If the link is no longer available, please leave a comment and I will try and find another copy for you. Here is more from the documentary:
Many bills written in the name of Homeland Security, is that almost any action, speech or protest against the government, can be construed legally as an act of terrorism. Your home can be searched secretly without a warrant. You can be arrested with no charges revealed to you. You can be detained indefinitely and tortured without any protection under the law. ~ ETHOS the documentary
RFID chips will be embedded in "Real ID" cards and will be a requirement soon, by law. The tracking chips are already in new passports. All transactions will be on those chips along with every move you make and if a member of society goes out of line ..... they just turn off the chip
Has this manufactured fear that has been created for us by TV media, made us blind?
The next time you go and spend that money in your wallet or purse, remember that YOU have the power to deny profits to offending corporations and support those who maintain good practices ~ just keep calm and follow your heart ~ not what mainstream tells you to follow. We are all born with a mind of our own so lets think for ourselves and live from the heart :) xx
Much Love to you Dear Reader
~ Kelly

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