Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Final Straw - Revolution - Protests Against Corrupt Government

It's all happening - Revolution images toward end of page
I log in to my Facebook scrolling for some daily news

It’s not the television stuff; I like alternate views

You know what I am speaking of is news from ‘round the globe

It’s unlimited and powerful with Truths that now are told


The People are awaking from millennia of sleep

When One People come together, truths are shared, profound and deep

We must take what we are learning, use discernment in all things

Let the stories drift on through our souls and feel the love it brings


Now we see all systems crumbling as their darkness is exposed

It’s so beautifully inspiring just to think it’s us that chose ….

To come back for this timeline as the strongest of the strong

And break the shackles of enslavement and to boldly sing our song


The veins of Mother Earth were clad with concrete by the Dark

And all that dwelled upon Her were restricted in their hearts

Now with every Truth that’s spoken, chips of concrete fall away

Mothers veins fill with more Light now, each and every single day


She is stretching as another piece of concrete crumbles down

She’s re-birthing and continues with earth changes all around

So for Her and us and everyone, we must not be alarmed

 Just remember, out of chaos, comes a warm and loving calm


Can you hear it? Can you taste it? Can you feel it’s on its way?

We’re making history in each moment and we all have parts to play

No more blindly led by systems that don’t work cause we’re awake

Shout your Truths out to the heavens even if your voice does shake <3


Mother Earth ramps up Her rumbling as She comes into The Light

So will the tired dark agenda with their fears and hates and fights

They are grasping at the final straws as they all fall apart

They are scared of our strong Unity and Oneness from Our Hearts


Farewell old way; you’ve tested us and helped us to grow strong

It’s been a HUGE experience, now it’s time to move along

Out of darkness and corruption as we break into The Light

There is power in great numbers led by heart ~ an awesome sight!


Once the economic system finally crashes to the ground

We must all open our arms to love and everyone around

We must go within and live life from our hearts so pure and true

With sweet love as our foundation, we can surely start anew <3


~ Kelly Flack ~ 17th June 2013
March against Monsanto - May 25th 2013 - protests were held in 436 cities across 52 countries
Demonstrators march while holding a banner reading, "Change policy and government", during a protest in Lisbon on February 16, 2013 (Reuters: Jose Manuel Ribeiro)


Thousands protest UK’s ‘bedroom tax’  

Published time: March 31, 2013 

Tens of thousands of Bulgarians angry over poverty and corruption protested in more than a dozen cities.

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