Thursday, January 3, 2013

ISS, Flying Objects In The Sky

Today is the 3rd January 2013. A friend sent us an email saying that the ISS was making its pass over tonight and we should be able to see it!
HoLy. MoLy! ! ! We all went outside in the dark to see if we could see the International Space Station as it made its pass over from north west - we saw it from the back yard and then ran thru the house to see it from the front yard - we got more than we bargained for!

As we followed the ISS to the north east, another very distant flying object caught our eye ....

and then another one .......

...and another one .......

and another one ......... we stopped counting at 10 flying objects. Definitly not planes. Some were moving VERY fast. Others a little slower and others flashed in a streak and disappeared. I have only now just shut my gaping jaw!

I sit here shaking my head in Awe. Like I said - HoLy, MoLy! ! ! ♥
I just thought this was worth sharing - could this have possibly been my first "encounter"?
Im still gob smacked! I am without thought! Not sure if my rational mind wants to step in or if Im just still in a state of  Duh! Holy moly alright!!!!!!!! bAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Im soooo excited right now :)
What a great night!


  1. Could you have seen a meteor shower. Supposed to be in the skies on Jan 3.

    1. Hi Denise,

      Yes, I also saw the posts on Facebook about the meteor showers but no - definitly not meteors. These lights were travelling contiuously throughout the whole expanse of the sky .... as far as we could see. My rational mind kicked in and thought of all the other possibilities - meteors, satellites ...... but nope!

      I even had a deep thought to myself "what if they are satellites" to which an inner reply came ....... "what if they're not" :)

      So I just smile......

  2. Fascinating. Thanks for the extra description.

    I got a bit obsessed with UFOs in the days after 21.12.12 - recalling my own 'encounter' with one over 6 years ago. The memory of it suddenly came to mind so strongly...don't know why.

    The UFO story is a bit long but the end bit is short. I was standing on the bed watching a soft diffuse orange light that seemed to be searching across the paddock (it had no beam or source). Suddenly, from where I was standing I saw a beam of light, like the spotlight on a stage, appear. It came down like a spotlight, from the sky. This was 50 m from the window I was looking out. There was nothing in the sky. No sound, no lights. It was a still quiet night with some light from the moon.

    I got so scared I jumped into bed and went straight to sleep.