Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21st, 2012 ~ The Next 3 Days


What a beautiful day :) So, lets take a peek at what people have said that we could expect in the

 NEXT 3 DAYS .....


According to Judy Satori, from today (December 21st 2012) the ufos will start landing (the skies look empty to me) so much so, that governments will not be able to hide their existence (UPDATE: according to a FB friend thats listened to Judy on a radio show, she has now said the ships would arrive and land when the mass consciousness of the people was ready)

... Stephen Cooks vision says from today the Central Sun will come hooning into our earth to fill it, and us, with Light.

..... Santos Bonacci, says that from today we start making our cross over of the Galactic Plane :) (dunno how long this will take - its not like the galactic plane is the width of a piece of string ;) )

...... According to the Mayans, its the end date of their calendar ......... yes. Their CALENDAR (or cycle)

....... According to the doom and gloomsters, its the last of their lives.
.... Dolores Cannon says that during the next 3 days the earth will "split" into 5D and 3D

... Keisha Crowther stated in one of her earlier videos that we will experince 3 days of darkness (she later changed that to 30 hours of darkness for some reason)
... Others say that, around this time, many people will simply "disappear" as they "ascend"

.... according to Tolecs older videos, we should have seen Nihohia, Tekoma and a second sun in our skies by now
...... and apparently our Akashic Records Hall will be open for those who choose to view their Souls Blueprints
..... and we also have an 8 minute window as to when The Light comes in to the earth.
.... also, some astrologers say that with the high vibrational energy that is to come over the next 3 days, we could lose our power grids as it will disturb earths magnetic field AND our own.
This following video is an exercise you can do to clear your personal magnetic field and I highly recommend it. The girls and I did it at 2am out on the grass this morning - yep, even the kids arent sleeping. The energy built from this exercise is absolutely incredible :) I can really feel it after 5 minutes - spectacular stuff! and I intend to use this over the next few years also <3
Meanwhile, as the world slowly ALL comes into December 21st, 2012, ceremonies will be taking place ALL OVER THE GLOBE, from the aboriginals in Cairns to sound healings at Mt Shasta in California and of course, The Mayans in the Guatemalan temple <3

Some ceremonies taking place today from every corner of the globe, will be done to activate DNA, crystals, spiritual, ascension, transformation, pole shifts, dimensions, pineal glands, chakras, crystalline grids, and I could go on and on .... you name it, its probably happening :)
Can you imagine the ENERGY that will be created just from the ceremonies alone? ........ Sensational <3

There are so many people with so many "stories" about what will happen over the next 3 days ...... but do you know who Im beginning to trust more and more ? ............ ......................................................................

........................ Inner Me ................................................. :)
Take a moment. Be still. Calm your mind chatter. Breathe. ....... and see what comes to you. ......
Trust YOUR Inner Guidance - we have it for a reason so just go with it and Know, that ALL is as it should be right Now
If you feel tired - sleep
If you feel hungry - eat
If you feel like painting - paint
If you feel like hugging a tree - hug a tree
Its definitly not rocket science <3

So here I Am - I certainly Am - and I Am simply going with The Flow of whatever may happen in this glorious moment of incoming, swirling, Divine energy. I Am happy. I Am playing with my family. I Am peaceful and I Am Love xxxxx
Buckle up people, remain in your heart space, and InJoy The Ride ~ Speak soon xx Much Love xx Kelly
oh and PS: Here is Tom Lescher with his latest Pele report - I HIGHLY recommend it. I think this is the BEST explanation of the next 3 days so far, than from any other outside Source because it resonates within me - and you will discover what resonates within YOU xxx
and remember ....... its ALL good :)
And this is for all my facebook friends near and far - its simply awesome how we all come together from all over the globe and share our feelings and love with one another - I love you all xox _ for you
 and some more pictures that have been shared around facebook ;)


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