Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Experience Today 9th April 2013


Two nights ago, as I was planning on falling asleep, my mind was shown pictures. Many, many pictures. They weren't my thoughts. It wasn't me. The pictures kept on coming. They floated up to me as I lay there with my eyes closed.
The pictures looked as though they were in a frame and many were floating around in space. One picture would come up to me so I could get a closer look just for a second and then another picture would come forward and then another picture. This went on for, what seemed like hours and hours. It was fascinating.
A tree. A door. A butterfly. A broken wall. A river. Falling rocks. Mountains. Shaking ground. Fresh grasses in a meadow. A book. A rainbow. It went on and on and on. It was beautiful. The final picture was of Earth. Mother Earth. New and fresh and strong and healthy and whole <3
I'm not sure where the pictures came from but I sure am glad they came.
I didn't see them last night but today, I feel like I'm sitting on top of a very tall mountain. The view is spectacular. I "see" everything that is happening around me. I see my children and their friends, my husband and my pets, the neighbours out in their gardens. I feel the carpet in my home as I walk on it and the water from the tap as I wash my hands ......... but I am not really here.
I am quiet today. This view from the mountain is spectacular. Everything is happening as far as the eye can see (around me) and even though I am in it, it is not Me.
I'm trying to describe this feeling of awe. Being able to "see" those close to me, and yet also remain detatched. It is simply an experience. That's what our bodies are having. An experience. But I see that I am not my body. I am not my family. I am not the brain in my head or the home that my body resides in. I am simply borrowing these things as part of a physical human experience.
I am very much liking this mountain. There is so much peace here. So much love. So much clarity from this perspective.
My husband just asked if I was alright. I told him I am as fine as fine can be and I'm just having a quiet day.
This mountain I am on seems to have helped me to learn silence with speaking words. My heart wants to shout it out though - this feeling - this awe - so I write it down here as I know it will find it's way to another that might also be on this mountain with me right now.
I feel there are many here, with me on this mountain. We are all so quiet. There are no spoken words needed as we feel with our hearts and our truths instead. Observing. Smiling. Fascinated at the physical-ness of us and others scurrying around. Two places. One time. Now <3
Loving this new-ness, this mountain, this view, this clarity and peace and love with Oneness. This mountain. The place where we all come together. I look forward to seeing you here soon <3
.... a resting point perhaps ...
on my souls' journey
There are taller mountains in the distance. I want to climb them too, but for now, I rest. I sit. I observe ..... and I catch my breath as I "see" the magnificence of All-That-Is <3
Much Love to you Dear Reader xxx
~ Kelly


  1. Thank you Kelly. I had dreams like that this morning...many many scenes, I saw codes written and many types of groups of people (I didn't recognize)and one where I saw old friends but they didn't see me, because I was in a different dimension...Your posting this morning helps me understand more.

  2. I'm so thankful that I happened to stumble across you today. I could describe myself just as you have at the top of your blog (although I'm not a poet). I have been experiencing so many things as you have and waking up to all that is around us. I just wanted to say that I'm grateful that you're out that sharing. I have been asking to find like minded people, so I am blessed that I found you. Love your ascension symptoms update website also.

  3. Hi A.L ~ Lovely to meet you :) What a ride aye ;) Just going with The Flow xx