Saturday, August 18, 2012

3 Sides To Each Story

Using Discernment

If a tree was to fall in the forest when no-one was looking, did it really happen?  Here we end up with 3 stories - Yours, mine and the tree's. So what do we believe?

We are being told more and more nowdays to use discernment because there are so many untruths flying around and we must go within, to see what resonates with us, in order for it to even begin to become a part of our own personal truth.

Apart from the tree, what about the Queen? Some say she is a wonderful woman with a glorious aura - others say she stems from a bloodline of reptillians and has taken part in child abduction. What do we believe.

How about ET's. We've all heard the stories about them and once again, just like the tree and the Queen, we are left with 3 stories .... Yours, Mine and the actual person/thing involved.

Even if a magical spell was cast on the entire planet where everyone was made to speak only of truths ..... we still wouldn't have ONE truth for each story. Different people have different truths ...

so use discernment in everything you read online

Go within xxxx ~ Kelly

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