Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Day In Her Shoes ~ Schapelle Corby

A Day In Her Shoes ~ A Poem, by Kelly Flack

She was going through the motions, In order just to board that plane
Her excitement – overwhelming. To get to Bali, sun or rain
Like any person, oh so happy, Ever longing for a trip
Holidays with sunbaked moments, this is one she won’t forget!
For some person with no morals, played a card that wasn’t right
Put some drugs inside her baggage, now Schapelle must stand and fight
I sat and watched this on the tele, in the comfort of my home.
I saw Schapelle with all her family but her Spirit, stood alone.
This may be something she must go through. I don’t know why; I don’t dare ask
I’ve never even been to church before but it seems that God has set het task.
Maybe it’s to warn all others, to let us know “sometimes its bad”
Just to roll on with the punches – fight for happy times – not sad
For Schapelle, she holds a shimmer, in the twinkle of her eye
It shows strength with warmth and caring, and innocence that she holds high
Dear Schapelle, I do not know you – If anyone with half a heart
Can’t see your caring giving soul, I’d say, Step in her shoes, for a start
Then I’d ask them to imagine, planning a trip away from home
Holidays with treasured feelings, shared with loved ones – not alone.
Joyous  moments, get togethers, catching up – like Aussies do
Throw a snag upon the barbie, maybe have a drink or two.
And when they’re caught up in the moment, then I’d slam that bloody door
And say “you’re guilty of possession” and see if they don’t hit the floor!
How can tables turn so quickly when life just doesn’t give a pause?
Maybe Indonesian politics should find a better clause!

They show no common sense or logic. There’s strictly not a “feeling” there.
Don’t they WANT to strive for justice? Don’t they WANT to show they care?
You’ve been given a bad time slot – jail, up to twenty years
You may cringe and feel like dying, but please, wipe away your tears.
It’s OK to feel angry, frightened, frustrated, confused
Since you’re innocent, what goes around, must come on back round too!
Who ever put drugs in your luggage, I hope they’re trembling in fear
May they walk each day unhappy and know their judgement time is near
As for you – I’ll keep on praying – even though I don’t do church
But something “big” is always out there, and he forever values worth xx

Written  by Kelly Flack 

The video with evidence of the expendable, Schapelle Corby, by Australian politics!