Friday, August 3, 2012

The Globalist End Game with David Icke

The Globalist End Game with David Icke 

There is a 56 minute video at the end of this page and this is what's in it:

Interview actually starts at the 3:27 mark. Icke talks about how we're IN this world but we're not OF this world in the way of the 5 senses and perception and how our "higher" senses have been silenced by manipulation and pre-programming.

Alex Jones and David Icke talk about how "junk" DNA is not junk at all. Also mention frequencies that many are vibrating at.
The movie: Prometheus - prepares us for whats to come. Hmmm. ... I havent seen that movie - looked freaky! Anyway, then they talk about how human genetics was manipulated to turn us into a slave race. When we consume chemicals in food/water/chemtrails etc we are absorbing a twisted vibrational energy form. In turn, this twisted energy interacts with our DNA and distorts what we see, as "reality" - yep, makes sense to me :)

Elites DNA is coded differently. They can absorb energy in a different way. eg: human fear is a wonderful energy for them - this is how they "feed" - It just goes to show that if we all decide to get our "happy vibes" on, they'll have nothing left to feed from  :)
The elite/illuminati create symbols eg: the all seeing eyes - that resonate energetically, in frequency terms - be aware of what you "give" your attention to! Icke talks about the Queens Diamond Jubilee and, of course, the London Olympics and the symbolism set out there for the entire planet to "see". Mental, emotional and physical control is all done by way of perception manipulation.
David Icke is gettng 11,000 people together, at Wembley stadium, on October27th  to counteract the energies being created via the Olympic games symbolism and vibrations. Click here for more details
Here is the video: InJoy xxx


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