Friday, August 3, 2012

My Day so far -3rd August 2012

The kids are covered in mud after re arranging the chook house (chicken coop). Gotta love Natural learning and home education .... They have dug out waterfall paths, made a mud deck for the chooks and added some new plants to the area. Phoebe (one of the chickens) is also covered in mud as she was helping the girls with the digging. So funny.

The girls have been amazed at Jewel (the other chook) who has been gently pulling eggs with her beak, to rest under her belly. She's getting clucky ;)

Meanwhile, in the house, hubby is painting the bathroom ceiling. We are both feeling lethargic. We're up for a few minutes and then need to sit down and do no thing at all - I'm just too busy laughing at everything thats going on. Fantastically lazy :)

The dogs woke up for a feed, expended  energy for a whole 6 minutes in the chook house with the girls, and now they have put themselves back to bed. LOL

I'm surprused the kids have so much energy. We have been going to bed between 11pm and 2am - we just cant seem to sleep. It was 1: 11am this morning when we all went to bed. The girls are noticing number sequences now as well - just started this week.

It's 2:33 pm ~ Friday. Ahhhh - head spinning, body tired, mind can't hold a thought long enough (even having trouble typing this out) hahaha - and its all good!

Now I will drag myself out to chop kindling so we can then light the fire and vegetate on the couch with a movie :)

Absolutely stuffed! - AND LOVING IT!

Whatever it is - BRING IT ON BABY :)

Hope your day is as wonderfully lazy and aware as mine xxxx Take it easy!

~ Kelly

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