Sunday, August 19, 2012

From Sad To Happy Within 30 Minutes

How I Changed My Vibration

This morning I was lying in bed and awoke in sadness. I was thinking about the past and my Mum and if only this and if only that ..... I didn't want to get up. I didn't want to do anything. I was having my own personal "pity party" in my mind and I was the only one invited. Woe is me. Poor me .... and those kinds of things ..... tears slowly slid down the sides of my cheeks as I lay there quietly sobbing .....

After about a full on 10 minutes of "acting the victim" ~ I suddenly thought "nah, this is bullshit"! So I got up, put on the computer, and went to Facebook in search of something that could help me alter my vibration ...... and there it was ..... a video from Abraham Hicks that I had never seen before ....

Funnily enough, the video is entitled
" Abraham: WEIRD IS THE NEW NORMAL - Esther & Jerry Hicks  "

this brought a smile to my face. After absorbing the video, I watched another from Abe and then my day started to turn around. I've been out chopping wood and hanging washing  while Shayla cooked us a BBQ, Cori walked the chickens and Pete cleaned the car.

It's so beautiful out there. I took a break from wood chopping and sat on the log, took off my rubber soled shoes and placed my bare feet on the earth ....

Ahhh, she is so glorious ~ Mother Earth ~ My feet tingled as I made connection with her ..... Yes, I am glad for this day.

I could have stayed with the tears this morning and my day would have ended up alot different, but I made a conscious decision to change my vibration and boy O boy, I'm so glad I did :) and if you ever need to, now you know that you can too!

hehehe, happy days xxxx

Much Love xx Kel

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