Sunday, December 9, 2012

12/12/12 Meditation Events

Here are 3 meditation events that you could participate in on 12/12/12, if you so choose

Here is a time zone converter to get the correct time for your country

the first one

12/12/12 ~ 3pm QLD, Australia time ~ projecting love, peace and joy into Mother Earth ♥ I will be doing my part in Love ♥ More info here:

the second one

12/12/12 ~ 12:12 your local time (am or pm - up to you I guess)

I'll be doing my part in this one too ♥

Join us on this sacred day as we link-in through the Unity Grid of Divine Love as One Unified Cosmic Heart

~ 12h12 your local time ~

You Tube video


the third one

12/12/12 ~ 10:30pm QLD Australia time ~ smile and send love :)

Yep, I'll be in this too :) Boy o Boy, I've got an awesome Wednesday lined up ♥

mp3 audios will be available on the day for this particular meditation here:

But for now, heres a quick 4 minute video to explain it :)
I'm sure there are loads more 12/12/12 meditations taking place so just google it if need be.
xox Peace

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