Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 21st 2012, 3 Days, Judy Satori

I have just watched Judy Satori in her latest video.

She gave an explanation of feeling energy from the solar flares and how we are going thru energy from the Galactic Sun....

...and then she says some spinny words for a few seconds in a strange language - this is a calming thing for us.

From 18th Dec we may have alot of feelings and thoughts that do not belong to us. The energy will build very rapidly. She explains how to deal with these. The energy will build HOURLY and we will feel it!

She talks about the angle of the earth being altered to 33 degrees 3 days before the 21st - non catastrophic I might add ;)

We have volunteered to be right here, right now ♥ We are here to help many others find their way home ♥ Its been way too long ♥

We will be conduits to help ground the light as it enters. For those of us that can hold this vibration, we will be used ♥ Feet upon Mother xox

From 21st December - be with the ones you love.

In 3 cycles of 7 (21 years) todays babies will be older - they are evolved souls - and systems will change, new paradigms will be built ♥ Guide these babies of today with love and understanding - they are here to help our future and to lead us to the new way ♥ ~ Home ~ :)

Here is Judy's video

Peace xox

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