Sunday, December 16, 2012

Will Earth expand between 20th - 22nd December 2012?

Heres another theory to add to the list about December 21st 2012, A very inspirational and uplifting theory ;)

I just read an absolutely brilliant message! A man, Stephen, speaks of the earth expanding around Dec 20 - 22nd 2012 - Literally, expanding to 10 times the size it is now, as it fills with a glorious Light from our central sun. I found this very inspirational as he explained absolutely everything he saw.

This made me think of one of the Maori prophets I saw a few years ago. She said that "the lands will rise" - Sure, people that currently own waterfront retreats will no longer be on the waterfront but Im sure they'll get over it ;) They will be inland as new lands rise.

If you take a look at google earth, you can even see the land mass under the ocean around New Zealand (for example)

Another thing comes to mind ....... for Earth to be 10 times larger, wow, that would be a pretty big planet. I remember seeing a video of our planets and we are sooooo tiny in comparisson to some.

Anyway, heres Stephens inspiring vision of "around" December 20th - 22nd

And here are the current sizes of the planets, suns and stars that we know of (Theres bigger stuff out there)

Que sera, sera ♥

Oops, and synchronistically, I have just come across this: and how the earth is expanding (I didnt read it all but you might like a look)
Either way, after the 21st of December ......... comes the 22nd ;)
Hang in their peeps. Love in the heart and smile in every step forward. YeeeeHa! Catchya later xox
~ Kel

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