Monday, December 17, 2012

My 2012 In Review

Wow! What an incredible year this 2012 has been. I write this on 17th December, 2012, only 5 days away from the big "date" that so many have come to either love, or fear .... but to me, its just a "date" on a calendar.

I remember as a small child, my parents would take me to the beach and the cloudless sky would be a beautiful dark blue as a bright yellow sun hung up above. I wish my children could have seen that spectacular sight. Today, I look outside at the changes that have been quietly occuring over the years, the nature changes. The sky is now a pale light blue and the sun, well, its white. This is still very beautiful, and also very different from when I was a child.
These past 2 years, as sure as the sky and the sun have changed, I have also seen global protests via Youtube taking place, and I have heard talk of reptillians and other worlds, stories of underground reptillian bases being destroyed, channellers coming out with some messages that years ago, would have seemed like fairy tales. Mass sightings of ufos on Youtube from all around the world have been filmed along with crop circles that seem to pop up over night. I have not seen a ufo or crop circle in real life myself, but I do believe they exist.
I have heard of CEO's from big banking cartel resign, some politicians resigning as well, and the entire government of Iceland resigning. New free technologies emerge online along with hundreds of natural cures for cancer, many still considered illegal by government. Bombings, gun shootings, stabbings and main stream media sharing everything negative that they possibly can with the public. I have also heard of "actors" that are paid to appear in "news worthy stories". Even some journalists have resigned as they no longer choose to represent the lies and fears being presented to the public.

Online news shares apologies from military, governments and churches of state about child abuse. Global groups have been formed for worldwide meditation gatherings to help ease the pain and hurt of mother earth and humanity. I have seen pictures online and heard of lakes and waterways turning red, fish, starfish, whales and dolphins being found in massive numbers washed up on beaches along with hundreds and hundreds of birds falling from the skies all around the globe.
There have been booming earth sounds recorded online for others to listen to - and I have been fortunate enough to hear one of these in person. Such an unexplained sound like I had never ever heard in this lifetime
I have learned about vibration and healing and meditation that has been scientifically proven with vibration measuring instruments, to calm wars and terrors. People are doing it everywhere. New terms have come to my ears - "Lightworkers" "Golden Age" "Ascended Masters" "Star Family" and the like.
I have seen men argue about global warming and how it is all made up. According to some, we are simply going through the natural cycle of things as we have done for thousands upon thousands of years.
I have witnessed, first hand, the "inland tsunami" that burst open the rivers through my town and swallowed bridges,cars and washed out onto farmland.
I have learned of HAARP, Indigo and Crystalline children, fluoride, grounding, chakras, auras, FEMA camps, dimensions, ether, chemtrails, patterns on google earth, the Kings Chamber, Pyramids, heirogliphs, the Mayan calendar, GMO, vaccinations, 12 strands of DNA, etheric bodies, star families, photon belt, earths core, hollow earth, hollow moon, ley lines, electromagnetic fields,Timewave Zero, days of darkness, the 13 crystal skulls, MAX, ascension, desension, solar flares, eclipses, CME's and our changing sun, pineal gland, alpha waves, beta waves, frequencies, vibrations, sunspots, solar system changes on other planets, organic foods, earths crust, core, mantels, lava tubes, schooling systems, monetary systems, banking systems, governmental corporations, birth certificate corporations, underground shelters, seed storage under mountains, planetary alignment, galactic plane, drones, homeland security, the "all seeing eye", Rothchilds, Rockerfellas and Morgans, soul less humans, brainwashing tv, subliminal suggestions, shifting poles, ascension symptoms, human sacrifice and rituals, royal bloodlines, synthetic light versus organic light, tektonic plates, earthquakes, volcano's, prophecies from many cultures, symbolism, astrology, astronomy, numerology, teleportation, telepathy, angels, repetitive number sequences, light and dark energies, cabal, illuminati, synchronicities and so much more. I have also had to learn of discernment!


Now I sit here, as an adult, and looking back on this list, I am fascinated with the amount of things I have become aware of over such a short period of time. I know it has been like this for many people - this full on learning curve - such a delicious journey.
For me, it was like an inner passion had taken over. An overwhelming desire to learn more and more as one thing led to another and another and another. This thirst for knowledge had never happened to me before on such a consistent and enormous scale. I Am Awake.
I have also had moments of "vision" as if a movie plays right in front of me while I am wide awake. I had a vision one day on the edge of my bed. It seemed to last for a long time but the clock told me it was only just a moment. I saw the veil of our worlds. Noise and panic on one side, and on the other, peace. A meadow actually, where peace and love glowed in all Its glory.
Another time, I was looking out over the expansive range of the 700 metre high Darling Downs. Right in front of my "eyes", on the land way below me, I saw the land crack and pull apart for many many miles. It had to be.
These were just 2 visions I have had. The feeling attached to them were of magnificence, glory and divinity.

Over the past 2 years I have started seeing prana, or Chi in the sky. My husband and both children and I have also seen orbs of light and dark shadows that move on their own. These mainly took place in our very active hallway for some reason. Nothing to fear though. It just is. And thats ok. I have seen my bedroom wall wobble like liquid and have felt the presence of "other people" around me often. I feel negative energy and positive energy. I need only look at a person and realise what they are emitting. I embrace them all. The good and the bad for I know, that I have also helped to co create every miniscule moment within this human experience.
And now here I am. Smiling with my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds. No fear. Just a quiet joy and peace.
I believe that things have been changing for many years now, and will continue to change in the years that follow. Yes, there are more dates on the calendar after December 21st 2012 :) Our sun IS changing and this IS causing a very active planetary shift in the consciousness and physicality of humanity, earth and the entire solar system. People ARE becoming more aware. Humanity is realising that it can no longer continue on the path that it has done so for thousands of years. A path of the sleep walker bathed in materialistic possesions and duality. Ignorance is NOT bliss. However, there is still much more INNER work to be done for many of us.
I am not angry. I have done all of that. I am not scared. I have done all of that too.
I believe that December 21st IS the end of a cycle ....... and from December 22nd onward begins a new cycle. Nothing will happen overnight though. We still have a way to go but just look around you. Things ARE changing. Truths ARE coming out. Consciousness IS shifting ..... as is Mother Earth and everything else in our solar system. I believe that I will see, with my own eyes, some ufos in my current lifetime. I also believe that I will see many "systems" crumble and fall away as a relief washes over humanity. Free energy, free living, sovereignity, and land changes that the imagination cannot even fathom.
I remain quietly excited for all that has gone before me, and for all that will follow over the years to come but mostly, I am excited for my Now.
In my Now, I Am. There is no good, no evil, no ups, no downs. It just "Is" and so I continue to glow from my inside, out. I see the world in all her beauty and magnificence. The weather, the people, the games, this grand unfolding - it just is - and all is as it should be.
Smile :) Be happy :) We're finally breaking free from thousands of years of going in a circle of duality - the circle is now opening to make way for a new path for those of us that choose .......... use your Now moments wisely because when you realise the power that you posess within, oh boy, the Inner Knowing, the Divine Order ......... We look around and see what is ..... meanwhile, with our Now moments, we are creating a NEW "what is"
Just allow the current "what is" to unfold and remember,
Its ALL good ;)

Much Love xox ~ Kelly


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