Monday, August 13, 2012

Are we already in the 5th dimension? How do we tell the difference?

Living in the 5th dimension

In this video with Steve Rother, he talks about

Our heightened state of Creation and how manifestation is taking place more quickly.
 Our relationship with time and space and how the days seem to be flying past so very fast. 

Steve spoke of our grandparents and how, in their day, they use to say "work hard". And that way of thinking, that paradigm, worked very well for them. However, in our parents day, "work hard" didn't take too well so they changed the paradigm again to "work smart" ...... and now here we are ~ in OUR day .... and our new paradigm is "work passionate"

I can only imagine the new paradigm our children will create ~ "work together"

We have moved from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension in the following ways, and if you take a closer look, you will see how

From a survival motivation to seeking unity
From linear time to NOW time
From good/bad right/wrong to cause and effect
From a place of judgement to a place of discernment
From unconsciousness organized hierarchy to conscious connection, walking with Spirit
From lack, sacrifice and guilt to joy, passion and abundance
From relationships to relationshifts

According to Steve, we will soon see governments change to be the servents we need them to be ~ to serve us and help us. This second wave (us) no longer needs leaders. When we listen within, we lead oursleves.

More of us are now able to connect to our higher selves either by way of intuition or channelling and this is how we get different flavours of the same truth.

Enjoy Steve Rother in his video below xxx Namaste ~ Kelly


  1. Hey Kelly,

    My name is Jason and I live in the U.S and I am going through all of this crazy ascension the past 3 years. (After I got an MRI and a eye exam done lol ot rule out anything medical) Seeings things.. etc the whole nine yards. I hear so many different things about the 5th dimension, some people talk about Earth dividing like a cell and splitting off. Have you heard of Dolores Cannon? Some people talk about people disappearing.. who knows? I feel you on change and getting tired with societal structures and norms.. I am like that with this job I have now.. I find myself getting angry with some of these things... I saw your video on your youtube channel about how you think you got a peak at the "new earth".. do you think its going to go down like that? Have a nice day and I hope you are doing well.....

    1. Hi Jason, what have you been "seeing"? Interesting times for sure :) That peek I got at 5D earth ...... well, it was a definite experience I had and I enjoyed the whole "movie" but I don't know if it will unfold like that at all. Looking back at that, maybe it was just a way for me to be told that there IS a veil .... that there ARE more dimensions, and they are already here - they have always been here. I now believe we simply need to only change our vibration to "see" this new world ...... will it happen like that?

      No one knows for sure - no psychic, alien, or spiritual coach ..... no tribal elder or channelled message ..... Yes, I have seen Dolores movie of the earth splitting and I can understand why people would "disappear (different vibrations) like in my "movie" , when I went behind that veil, I could no longer see my kids and they couldnt see me - but I knew where they were. I seem to be relying on and working more on Self nowdays. I have some vibrational baggage that needs unpacking and that will be my mission for this week :) Im quite excited about this. Do you want the vidoe link for it?

      Take care of you Jason xxx Wheeeeeee, what a Ride!

  2. Hey Kelly,

    Ha I have been seeing alot of things.. balls of light.. little flashes of white lights and blue lights.. lights in my perpihal vision.. no flahses of future events though lol.. yes it has been a wild ride... I thought I had a retinal detachment but I don't lol.. I didn't tell the eye docter everything lol.. That 5D earth vision that you had is interesting, another person on another forum said that she has a random vison in where she was talking to to her brother about 2012 and without even knowing about the Earth split theory she has a spontaneous vision of the earth dividing and her "sliding" on this new earth. Hey what if your awareness just shifts to the 5th dimension? Like your vibration raises and your awarness just "shifts" to the 5th dimension without your body disappearing? Since we exist in different dimensions at once maybe you are on 5D earth already but you awarness isn't there yet... lol just a theory it really doesn't make sense lol. Yeh no one knows.. I am with you on that vibrational baggage lol, Last week I had a big cry.. I want this emotional roller coaster to stop lol.. it just shows how much bad stuff that people bury in there pysche in order to be able to function in this world.. but the old has to go in order for the new to come lol, yeh I would like a video link thanks...

    Take care of yourself to Kelly and yeh haha this is one hell of a ride lol!!

    1. Nice one Jason! Yes, we simply "shift" and take our bodies with us ....... we'll see soon enough :) Heres the link to that vibrational baggage stuff whoop whoop! Happy dance ;) xx

  3. Hey Kelly,

    Thanks for the link and I will defiantly check it out!!! Lol I wonder how many dimension are there?

    1. oh gosh, don't even get me started on that one! LOL

  4. Lol haha I think there is an infinte amount of dimensions and universes.. and its being generated something that its beyond all compherision even our sciences point to this too much for your mind to handle... I think it is like that for a reason.. you could not get anything done here if you were always aware of other realities lol... maybe there are different types of 5D earth lol..

    1. Oh. My. Gosh. Jason. Just the thought of parallel universes and "other me's" on different paths - just does my head in hahahaha.Its fascinating to me ..... baby steps aye ;)

  5. Kelly,

    Yeh you do have to take baby steps with this type of stuff lol.. it is SO much uncharted terrority.. we have so many limiting belief systems and conditions that we acculmate throughout our lifetimes according to which culture we are brought up in.. for example I had strict christian beliefs when I was alot younger.. sometimes is takes alot of work to sort of deprogram yourself..

    1. Jason,

      Yes, UNlearning in order to Re:member. Alot of work involved .... but at times I feel like I'm being "swept along" with the Flow of Who-I-Really-Am ~ so I'm thankful for these days :)

    2. Kelly,

      Yeh I understand what you mean about being swept along with the flow lol... About the unlearning.. yeh..its hard to shed al the conditioning.. all the stuff you grow up learning about how it should be and what you should do etc.. I realized that in my opinion ( not trying to be judgemental).. being "normal" in society is living a life were you don't know why you here, what you should be doing, why you are even doing it in the first place.. is normal always a good thing?

    3. Jason,

      to me, "normal" is fitting in with a twisted society ;)

      I gave up "normal" a few years back and have embraced the alternative - lol - and now I "see" <3

      but thats ok .... some people are comforted by "normal", and thats 'their' journey - and its ALL good :)

  6. Hey Kelly,

    Yeh I know what you mean.. lolo haha... If you look at society in an objective way without any conditioning what so ever.. to me it kind of seems a bit silly lol.. I mean our culture and what what we deem to be valuable.. like spending our lives try to be better then someone else in order to feel better about oursleves lol.. or trying so hard to be like and look like a "famous" person, lol and many other things I can list lol... I just think about highschool.. with the the info I have now I wouuld not have bought into any of that stuff lol