Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Constellation In the Sky ~ August 2012

People, worldwide,  sharing their recent experiences of the triangles in the sky

At the very beginning of this talk, they tell us that the new constellation that has shown up in the sky is not a constellation but a large group of mother ships. They talk for a while about the new yahoo group and they mention that Archangel Michael asked for the "safe" group to be set up so yahoo is it ~  I couldn't help but laugh! So far, my bullshit radar is on ..... bit I'll keep listening for a bit longer and see what happens (and see if my vibe changes to get some kind of resonance) ......

Around the 23 minute mark, they finally stop talking about the yahoo group and start getting back on topic ...... here we go ......

Steven Cook from Australia comes on and talks about seeing the 3 separate stars in Sydney, forming a triangle, was actually a 150 mile wide ship (getting interesting now) The next night, the stars had moved elsewhere.

Sierra talks about the same thing but seeing it from her country in USA. South west from northern Arizona. She put on het star tracker iPhone app and nothing registered! The next night, the stars had moved elsewhere.

tells us that he saw the star triangle and got out his binoculars to take a closer look. inside the triangle, was total black but on the outside of the triangle, was stars.

Pat from Perth, Western Australia also saw the triangle.  She talks about seeing a lot of cloudships in the day time and her overwhelming feeling of joy.

Alan from central California sees the south west sky over the pacific ocean, and has also seen the 3 stars (ship). Twinkly pulsating red blue stars. The next night, the stars had moved elsewhere. Alan reads aloud what Ashtar said about leaving the joys of the Olympic closing ceremony to us humans. There are various ships making themselves known as part of a subtle reality. Look to the east/north east sky between 12 and 1 o'clock and see an egg shaped ship (didn't say am or pm) apparently these are ships from Andromeda.

North West of Detroit, Colleen tells of what she has seen, several triangles and boomerangs in the skies. They appear above her apartment and are growing in numbers. Sometimes they shift from north south east west and when they do, they shift as a group.

Cindy from the island of Bermuda is not accustomed to seeing mother ships but she looks at the sky often. Looking due west, she notices a star system moving into the position of a triangle. On another day, Cindy looked up and sensed a hum coming off the shape in the sky and the absence of anything in the centre of the triangle really got her attention. The next night, it had moved to the right .... and on the left, appeared a BIGGER ship! South west ~ A Mother father ship - lol - another triangle, all black in between. Cindy feels the ships are helping us debug, from the hooks that we and society have put into us.

Michael in Northern Nevada, and his wife are avid star watchers and they noticed the triangle in the sky, this huge void in the sky - a mother ship - 150 miles across. This was in the west south west sky from Michaels place.

And then, from the 1 hour 18 minute mark, it gets really interesting ;)  But you'll have to listen in yourself because I've got some stars to check out and make communication with   ;)


  1. It was cloudy last night but will peek again tonight ;)

  2. Kelly,

    Alot of your comments and symptoms on your blog remind of what I've been reading over at Georgi Stankov's website. They are Light Body Symptoms and Georgi has 100s of blog postings and commentary from likeminded people who identify with the works hes written and the blog.



    1. Thanks Eric. I have never heard of him - must go check it out :) Cheers

    2. Gee Eric, that "wake up call" post was an interesting read. Not sure if I believe it or not but a good read nonetheless. Keeping my mind open :) Thanx again for the link!

  3. From nick derek walterHope we get to see something soon... I looked at the one under te moon tonight...I've seen that for a little while now but haven't been enough of a gazer in my past to tell anything...
    Although these days I look at the sky every now and then and always see a flash light up it seems it would be a glitch in my eye...but it happens like every second time I look to the sky nower days...

    1. Hi Nick, just confirmed those 3 stars under the moon tonight are actually stars - lol - Oh well, I guess we just keep our eyes to the skies and see what happens. Don't go knockin that "glitch" in your eye. Could be something ..... mind open (as we do) See ya back on FB :) Cheers bud!